The Dog Walker's Handbook

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The Dog Walker's Handbook is a reference guide for anyone who loves dogs and is thinking of starting a dog walking business. It will help anyone else who just wants to start a small business and needs to know the types of things to put in place so the business will succeed.

Christine Axsmith's journey into dog walking came after she lost her job and career. After that, she found herself lost. The extent to which her job defined her and how she saw herself was only then made apparent to her. This issue was the topic of her talk at IgniteDC 2011, "Losing it all."

Strangely enough, Ms. Axsmith's dog walking stint was a fantastic time in her life. Hours in the sun with appreciative beings was just what the doctor ordered. The time spent working with dogs, and the owners too, changed and healed Ms. Axsmith. It prepared her for the next step in her professional life.

"But I still regret not being a dog walker," confessed Ms. Axsmith.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

The book has all the dog-savvy gems from her posts as Econo-Girl: how to tell if your dog has a broken leg, dog walker hell week, dog park rules, etc.

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