the Balloon Boy...

YouTube's Drinkingwithbob shouts about the Balloon Boy and how pathetic the U.S. media is in how the cover stuff like that.


Michael Hayden, Former CIA Director, Tells a Whopper

The former director of the CIA, Michael V. Hayden, reveals that the purpose of keeping the CIA interrogation memos secret was to preserve the right to torture people in the future.

He writes on CNN.com that releasing the CIA interrogation memos was a "mistake" and claimed "to reveal the details of this technique would tie the hands of a president in a future emergency -- since, after all, laws and policies and presidents could always change"

He means the policy about torturing people. He means "tie the hands" of any President who wants to torture people.

Michael Hayden: "Based on a declaration I signed, the judge had agreed in 2008 to allow us to continue to protect -- on the grounds of national security -- the specifics of waterboarding, a technique that had not actually been used since March 2003 and one the agency had not even authorized for use in years."

If what you are saying is the truth, why would it have been necessary to fire me for saying that "waterboarding is torture, and torture is wrong" on my classified blog? Something doesn't add up. If the practice had discontinued, and there were no plans for its revival, then I would have merely been reprimanded and my blog taken away.

Instead, I was fired and put under investigation for my clearance. I was followed everywhere I went for a week and a half. I am blackballed from my former profession. That's fine. I took the risk and will accept the consequences. However, do not pretend that exactly how you torture people is itself classified. The only classification is that it happened at all, and you wanted to be able to do it again. That information is not critical to national security, it is political.

Michael Hayden claims that the choice to release the CIA interrogation memos was political. It was. So was your desire to keep them secret. By exposing the illegal practices the CIA was engaged in under the previous Administration, President Obama let everyone know that waterboarding and torture were not acceptable practices. He further let them know that breaking the law and violating human rights will eventually be exposed. Good for him.


HAZMAT Emergency in Columbia Heights, DC

Three young people were overcome by carbon monoxide fumes and passed out in their home on Tenth Street NW this morning. Fortunately, the Fire Department was called and no one died.

Last night was the first night the young people turned on the gas furnace to the house they were renting. Carbon monoxide leaked out of the furnace. That is all I know at this point. To see photos, friend me on Facebook: Christine Axsmith.


Feds Don't Target Sick Users of Pot

So the Federal Government had to actually tell prosecutors not to indict the terminally ill for smoking pot to relieve their pain. That's a comfort to hear. Wouldn't want people pulled out of their hospital beds for being a danger to society.

But I have a better idea. Don't prosecute marijuana use or trafficking AT ALL. Just to be patriotic, let's make that for all U.S.-grown pot only. So all U.S.-grown marijuana can be grown, sold and smoked. And I don't smoke pot at all. So I have no vested interest in this debate.

The U.S. Government spends millions of dollars chasing pot smokers and traffickers. Let's tax them instead. Let's save the money we spend trying to stamp out pot use. It's a great idea. We can focus on serious problems facing our nation, like maids and construction workers who are in this country illegally.