Castro Steps Down

And it's about time. Castro is quoted as saying that he wanted to take time to prepare the Cuban people for the shock of his resignation.

Maybe Castro himself is the one who needed the preparation to leave office. That seems more likely. With rumors of his death and the counting of days since last seeing him in public, I don't think anyone would be so shocked at his leaving the political scene except Castro.

Poor guy. No more parades or waving throngs of admirers. He must be missing it.


Global Warming in New Zealand

Egad! There's a hole in the ozone above New Zealand. So it is actually ILLEGAL for children to be outside without hats on. Everyone wears a hat there. And loads of sunscreen. Skin cancer is a huge problem.

Can you imagine that? I hope so, since it could come to your state one day.

But It's Only A Little Bit of Torture ...

What's with this idea that you need permanent physical damage to call something "torture."

And why do you think anything is improved because "it was only three times" - ?

This Administration doesn't have the foresight to see how this admission causes damage to our interests abroad. We have just admitted to torturing people. Now how are we going to tell people that Chinese Christians should not be beaten and jailed? We, after all, don't behave better ourselves.

I remember an America where the idea that we torture people was offensive. I remember when our meat supply was safe. I remember when college was affordable. What happened, America? The Reagan Revolution, that's what.