Oh, no! Don't take my money!

Econo-Girl, as of yesterday, has developed a new theory of statecraft. She has realized that there are such things as Adolescent Nations. These are the ones that don't want their allowances cut. I am thinking of the Palistinian Authority right now, but there must be others.

After the loudmouth Hamas leader in exile shot off at the mouth about how Israel doesn't need to exist and that they won't put down their arms, what does he do the next day? Pull his head out of the sand, that's what. You mean in this entire episode of running for office, they never thought through the results of winning? What a clever strategy would be? Everyone has been waiting for Hamas to make its move. It has. It has exposed itself as a bunch of finanical teenagers who rebel against their dependency and then beg to go to the mall. Oh, and can you give them money to go to the movies?

During all this ranting for a separate state, what were they thinking?

This issue calls up other questions in Econo-Girl's mind such as 'what constitutes a fully-formed state?' To what extent does a nation need to be self-supporting and self-feeding? And to the extent that a country acts like a sponging relative, that is the extent to which they lose the right of self-determination.

Cuba would be an exception to this idea. But then Castro played the States against the Soviet Union well and made a lot of money off of it.

But does this mean that the District of Columbia should be a state of the union? Are we really self-sufficient enough? We can't feed ourselves. There is only one industry. And if the seat of government moved, there wouldn't even be that. The neighboring states don't want us because of how we'll upset their politics. So we remain a happy, leftist blip on the map of the US. It's kind of fun, really.


My Vet's Vette

What Econo-Girl and Liesure Lad were probably paying for is the 24 hour pet hospital with full staff. And it's good to know that it is there, but the local guy is cheaper. Fewer hours, though.

This debate stirs up the issue of executive compensation for Econo-Girl. You have to ask, are these CEO's worth it? And why are they worth it a lot more these days than in the past? Since "trickle down economics" has been disproven, is there any way to share the income from a corporation more equitably?

Econo-Girl has worked in the corporate world for a long time. The CEOs are NOT WORTH what they are paid relative to the workers. I know that makes me sound like a communist. I am unafraid.


Dog's Leg Is Broken - The Dog Walker's Handbook

Sorry for the short post before. Just got word that our puppy broke her leg. Had to take her to the Animal Hospital. I won't even tell you how much that is costing.

The vet says that you can tell if there's a fracture to a dog's leg if the dog is trying not to put weight on the leg. At least you should take the dog into the vet at that point. And if the dog is walking normally, there is no fracture. Just a handy rule of thumb.

Click on The Dog Walker's Handbook ($5) for more details.

Econo-Girl feels free to write this since our dogwalker never reads my blog.

He has lost that puppy for at least four times in the last two months. This is while walking it. So he takes the dogs to the same fenced area with the gap in the fence every day, and keeps going back even though the puppy, Molly, runs away about once a week lately.

So this time Molly runs into the street and gets hit by a car that naturally doesn't even bother to stop.

I ask you: what kind of dipshit takes a dog to the same place it always runs away from? Leisure Lad thinks that the guy is cheap and an old friend and means well. He says we should just insist that the puppy always be tethered, and since we never told DogWalker Dipshit to do that we don't have room to complain about him.

Fire his ass, I say. It just isn't acceptable to be that dumb. He is a smart guy, and a good poet. But damn it, I can't keep risking my dogs like this. Econo-Girl is upset.

It is 2 a.m. and there is paperwork to fill out for the job. Can you believe it? They hired me and I still have to fill out an application! Ah well. It's a job at least.


Woe Be To Econo-Girl

Econo-Girl has picked up the habit of recording what the household has spent every day. What an eye-opener. Exact figures won't be revealed. Let's just say, adjustments need to be made.

Milton, Milton

Milton Friedman was on the Charlie Rose show a few weeks ago. For the younger readers, he was a forbear of Alan Greenspan's. And when he left, all the lamentations you are hearing now about Greenspan you could hear back then about Milton. Gee, those Wall Street types are twittering hand-wringers.

And what did Milton say? That people will still send their cash to the US because there is no other risk free place to put it. So the deficit and spending the fleeting 'value' of your house won't matter! Those foreigners will be happy to lend us the money. Don't you feel better now?

Econo-Girl remains a bit dubious. How is it that living in debt as a nation doesn't matter? Milton Friedman said also that people are wealthier and better off now than they were thirty years ago because of deregulation. So there is nothing to worry about. Everything is fine.

On a side note, Econo-Girl's new novel is moving along quite nicely.


Thoughts on Pretend Job Offers

When you think about it, what kind of company would call you and lead you to believe that you had an offer of employment, only to find out that there were a few more paperwork hoops to jump through before you even got a Contingent Offer, which by the way, means nothing.

I would say that they promise one thing and it's a lie. And there was some paperwork thing that they said they could do for me, and it seems I have to do it myself. This situation gives me pause. The HR person went on and on about not putting people in place by misleading them about the job. Hmmmm. Methinks thou dost protest too much?


So Econo-Girl had a lift of spirits this morning when someone offered her a job doing what she loves: geek computer stuff. Then she gets the e-mail and its says "Contingent Offer of Employment" and only if I reformat my resume. So the e-mail itself did not even contain a Contingent Offer. It just promised one if I jumped through a few more hoops.

The lady said "We are extending an offer to you today. I look forward to working with you." How is that open to misinterpretation? Silly Econo-Girl. She put off an interview until Monday because of this, and now will have to go through with it. Damn!

I should know by now that there is no easy way out.


Econo-Girl is Back!

Econo-Girl took a little vacation from blogging for the holidays, which were OK this year.  For Econo-Girl, that's a step up.  And how her gentle readers have disabused her of holiday daydreams!  "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire" was a myth when it was sung in the Forties! 
Econo-Girl did NOT go caroling, although the one time in her life that she did, it was damn fun.  Presents for the children, of course, but my sister Denise insisted on surprising us with a car flashlight.  Actually, Econo-Girl absolutely LOVES practical gifts, especially ones with strong safety themes for her car. 
Econo-Girl is currently not working and is getting used to it.  There is still a feeling of guilt, though.  And I tend to lose track of which day it is sometimes.  But several interviews are lined up for me today and tomorrow, so wish me luck!  Truth to tell, I really want something inside DC.  There is no replacement for it.  Damn it, I want to get a decent decaf latte at 10:30 in the morning if I feel like it!  And if I want to spend ungodly amounts of cash on a fancy restaurant meal, so what?  It's right on the corner.
Easy access to quality food is the single biggest deciding factor for where I choose to work.  Econo-Girl is not desparate.  Yet.  Leisure Lad will point out that she is a little spoiled.  Yes, there is a recent increase in demand for her ancient IT skills as old computer systems are being converted to web-based ones.  Still, Econo-Girl is filling out Federal job applications for the far-off day when she is actually contacted for an interview.  Right now it feels like throwing paper over a cliff.
If no one told you they loved you today, Econo-Girl loves you.