Econo-Girl is Back!

Econo-Girl took a little vacation from blogging for the holidays, which were OK this year.  For Econo-Girl, that's a step up.  And how her gentle readers have disabused her of holiday daydreams!  "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire" was a myth when it was sung in the Forties! 
Econo-Girl did NOT go caroling, although the one time in her life that she did, it was damn fun.  Presents for the children, of course, but my sister Denise insisted on surprising us with a car flashlight.  Actually, Econo-Girl absolutely LOVES practical gifts, especially ones with strong safety themes for her car. 
Econo-Girl is currently not working and is getting used to it.  There is still a feeling of guilt, though.  And I tend to lose track of which day it is sometimes.  But several interviews are lined up for me today and tomorrow, so wish me luck!  Truth to tell, I really want something inside DC.  There is no replacement for it.  Damn it, I want to get a decent decaf latte at 10:30 in the morning if I feel like it!  And if I want to spend ungodly amounts of cash on a fancy restaurant meal, so what?  It's right on the corner.
Easy access to quality food is the single biggest deciding factor for where I choose to work.  Econo-Girl is not desparate.  Yet.  Leisure Lad will point out that she is a little spoiled.  Yes, there is a recent increase in demand for her ancient IT skills as old computer systems are being converted to web-based ones.  Still, Econo-Girl is filling out Federal job applications for the far-off day when she is actually contacted for an interview.  Right now it feels like throwing paper over a cliff.
If no one told you they loved you today, Econo-Girl loves you.


The Lazy Iguana said...

Good luck with those job interviews, and with the whole ordeal of getting a federal job. I had a federal job - which I quit. TSA was just not for me.

I know how that "what day is it" question goes when you are jobless. I would use the TV to know what day it was. For example, if it is 10:00 PM and South Park is on - it must be Wednesday.

lewis_medlock said...

sorry about derailing any chestnut dreams...the chestnut will return.
Our grandchildren will stand under a canopy of a chestnut forest, Im sure.

good luck re. your job hunt.

practical gifts are right up my alley.
flashlights...good boots....warm clothes.
But I did buy for myself a pair of black pleated dockers...(jeans & sweatshirt guy..)with a xmas gift card. A bit out of character, but wife will appreciate it.

Econo-Girl said...


Applying for Federal jobs is a total pain, you are right. One application took four and a half hours!

Econo-Girl said...


I dream optimistic dreams about that, too. And I wonder if we tried to get chestnuts back growing in the US, whether they would also be afflicted from that disease long ago?