Dog's Leg Is Broken - The Dog Walker's Handbook

Sorry for the short post before. Just got word that our puppy broke her leg. Had to take her to the Animal Hospital. I won't even tell you how much that is costing.

The vet says that you can tell if there's a fracture to a dog's leg if the dog is trying not to put weight on the leg. At least you should take the dog into the vet at that point. And if the dog is walking normally, there is no fracture. Just a handy rule of thumb.

Click on The Dog Walker's Handbook ($5) for more details.

Econo-Girl feels free to write this since our dogwalker never reads my blog.

He has lost that puppy for at least four times in the last two months. This is while walking it. So he takes the dogs to the same fenced area with the gap in the fence every day, and keeps going back even though the puppy, Molly, runs away about once a week lately.

So this time Molly runs into the street and gets hit by a car that naturally doesn't even bother to stop.

I ask you: what kind of dipshit takes a dog to the same place it always runs away from? Leisure Lad thinks that the guy is cheap and an old friend and means well. He says we should just insist that the puppy always be tethered, and since we never told DogWalker Dipshit to do that we don't have room to complain about him.

Fire his ass, I say. It just isn't acceptable to be that dumb. He is a smart guy, and a good poet. But damn it, I can't keep risking my dogs like this. Econo-Girl is upset.

It is 2 a.m. and there is paperwork to fill out for the job. Can you believe it? They hired me and I still have to fill out an application! Ah well. It's a job at least.


lewis_medlock said...

sorry about your dog. dog person here.....our black lab sleeps with us, does everything with us. he is one of the crew , and as such, has a pretty good understanding of whats expected. ive found that "bad" dogs tend not to be family. right now he's zonked out on my bed, about 5 feet away.
looking for a vehicle? considered a truck? women in trucks are hot!
not SUVs, but a real truck.
go find a 2000 f-150 supercab (cab and a half) with four wheel drive, leather , and the small v-8.
you wont regret it!
im sure you dont care if i think women in trucks are hot, but it is so practical and outside what marketing gurus expect women to drive. it screams "independence"

Econo-Girl said...

Great advice, Lewis! I had no idea what to look for. The thing is, my husband and I keep banging up the car so we really need something where a few dents make no difference.

And I loved my Camaro, but the old ball and chain said 'it was a single woman's car' and it went by the wayside. Glory days.

lewis_medlock said...

.hows the dog....?
dont know what you want to spend, but a lot of good deals out there.
btw.......Lewis Medlock eschews modern technology, but here is his email addy

The Lazy Iguana said...

Good thing you got that job. Now you can just forward your first check to the vet. The vet probably drives a nice new shiny Corvette.

Do not get a truck. They suck up too much gas.

lewis_medlock said...

Lazy Iguana....class warrior?
Blue collar guy here, so I have no dog in this fight...would be easy for me to bemoan the fact that the professional class makes more than I do. but I dont.
I think my vet is worth everything that I pay her. And maybe more.
If she drives a 'vette, thats fine. she put in 4 years of undergrad and an additional 4 years of post grad and residency.
And those weren't 8 easy years either. You dont become a doctor with 'C' grades.
Veterinary medicine is pretty much market driven....no 3rd party payors to manipulate the market. And there seems to be a reasonable amount of vets to go around, so no shortage that might drive up prices. So why begrudge Econo's vet if she chooses to drive a 'vette??

lewis_medlock said...
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The Lazy Iguana said...

With 4 cats, my vet loves me.

Girasol said...

sad to hear that, how is you dog?