Savvy Psychologist on Procrastination

I knew it! Perfectionists are procrastinators.

She talks about reframing the task.

Waiting for the last minute to do something gives an excuse for not doing well. It is called self-handicapping.

Handy tips are provided.

Check out this great Podcast: http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/itunes/5472


Michigan Case Good for Foreclosure Victims

A Michigan Court of Appeals has just ruled that lower court’s decision to dismiss a case against JP Morgan Chase was in error.

JP Morgan Chase failed to record their interest in the mortgage note held by Eui H. and In Sook Kim. Eui H. and In Sook Kim then sued JP Morgan Chase for wrongful foreclosure. The case was initially dismissed, but that decision has been reversed by the appeals court because JP Morgan Chase’s interest in the mortgage was not recorded.

This decision has the possibility of affecting many other wrongful foreclosure suits in the United States.

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