Matthew Barnett You Are a Piece of Shit

...  but more than that, you are a rapist.  And one has to wonder about University of Central Missouri, where a person with the low character of Matthew Barnett is allowed to attend. 

And just to give you people at University of Central Missouri a heads-up:  the notorious past of Matthew Barnett takes away future legal defenses from your school.  Specifically, if another girl claims that he gave her a drink and she blacks out, and then wakes up with cuts and bruises consistent with intercourse that she doesn't remember, the University of Central Missouri will not be able to defend against a lawsuit by claiming lack of foreseeability.  Admitting Matthew Barnett as a student is a serious liability for the University of Central Missouri.  Hell, just allowing Matthew Barnett on the University of Central Missouri campus is a serious liability.

And you know he's going to do it again.  Because that's who he is.  Just don't act surprised.


Janette White said...

Oh, they'll just claim that they didn't know because the charges were dropped, and that they refuse to judge people based on "rumors" At least God knows what lies in the heart of pieces of shit like him.

Anonymous said...

It's easy to get away with stuff like this when grandpa is a state senator and gets:

A. The prosecutor to drop all charges, even though video of the incident exists....prat least it did until he had it destroyed
B. the town to burn the kid's house down
C. The girl's mom fired from her job for no reason or reasonable explanation.

I hope the girl's mom sues the crap out of this drug dealing, raping rapist that ever raped.

Anonymous said...

We know where he is, just grab him, shove him in a van, and cut off his dick. Problem solved.