Sherlyn Popelka - Does Nike Sponsor a Drunk Hit and Run Driver

The Arizona Star reports:

"Sherlyn Popelka was driving on a suspended license on May 8 when she collided with a motorcyclist at North Campbell Avenue and East Speedway, records show. After spending the night in jail, Popelka was released May 9.

The case was initially reported as a hit-and-run because Popelka, 19, continued driving after hitting the motorcyclist, who was injured. But it was later determined that she stopped about a block away."
It seems that Sherlyn Popelka never showed up in court and skipped the country. Further, the injured motorcyclist has not received any compensation for his injuries. What a loser and coward Sherlyn Popelka is. And what a stupid name. Sherlyn? Right out of the trailer park.

See the arrest report Sherlyn Popelka Arrest Report


Incoming Solar Storm

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