Do dogs have souls? by the Amazing Atheist

Really good discussion about souls and animals. His conclusion is atheistic, of course, but he raises very important questions.


Amazing Atheist on Space Settlement

Amazing Atheist is upset because the space dream has gone nowhere. Check it out.


Republican health care plan: You broke? You die.

We already ration health care, based on how much money you have.

"Jobless Recovery" ?!? - No Recovery At All Then

The economy isn't recovering if people don't have jobs. Because as much as you cut workers to become profitable, if that same thing is happening all over the country, the amount of goods and services purchased will be reduced overall because no one will have the money to buy anything.

It will become a cycle of cutting. Demand for goods and services will go down, not just because people are out of jobs, but because fear of losing a job will tamp down demand. Then more workers will have to be fired to make businesses profitable again.

What really counts is employment, not the numbers on Wall Street or overall business profitability.

A lot of upset people out of work means political and social upheaval. Get ready.


Washington Post's Kathleen Parker is a Moron

Kathleen Parker, do you even know what a living will is? No one is putting Grandma in front of a bureaucrat who will decide if she lives or dies.

A living will simply lets your loved ones know what your wishes are regarding your care for a time when you are no longer able to tell them yourself.

Do you want to be kept alive by a respirator? What if your mind is completely intact? Would you want to be kept alive on a respirator then?

How much pain medication do you want?

Do you want CPR even if that means most of your ribs will be broken in the process, as is often the case with elderly people?

Who do you want to make decisions about blood transfusions or other major health decisions?

All a living will does is relieve your loved ones of the burden of guessing what you would have wanted.

What The Health?

Amazing Atheist from YouTube speaks on the wacko debate on health care reform. He wants information he feels he is not getting from the Democrats.

It's a good portrait of a responsible citizen who is getting lost in the fog of this "debate."

Death Panels and Health Reform

I am an elder law attorney. In my practice, I have represented family members who needed to make serious decisions about the care of their loved ones regarding respirators, pain medications and artificial life support. The difficulty facing family members in theses situations is terrible to watch.

And it all could have been avoided if a living will had been in place. A living will lets your family know what your wishes are for your care when you are no longer in a position to communicate those decisions yourself.

The proposed health care plan is not suggesting that a person's continued existence is decided by a panel of government workers. It is only allowing a patient to talk to a doctor to make decisions regarding their care that they need to communicate to their families.

I understand such discussions are often difficult for people to face. That's OK. I understand that the prospect of being forced to have such a discussion is also difficult to think about. That's OK, too. But this health care plan is not forcing anyone to have that discussion, nor is it making any of those decisions for you. It is only paying for it if you do want to have a living will.


Republican health care plan: You broke? You die.

The current health care system Republicans are supporting is: You broke? You die. Bye!

At least President Obama is doing something about the health care of Americans - who elected him, by the way. And a large reason he was elected was the promise of reform in the health care system.

Slapping a label like "Socialist" on health care reform does nothing to clarify the issues or enhance the exchange of ideas.

North Korea is a Cesspool...

YouTube's Drinkingwithbob raises a very good point. You don't have to worry about getting arrested by the North Koreans if you don't go to North Korea to begin with.


Saw a Knifing Last Night in Columbia Heights

And the police didn't even want to take a report on it this morning. It happened on Monroe Street between 10th and 11th at about 10 p.m. Some drunk guy named Luis attacked another Hispanic guy. When he got closer to me, I saw Luis had a bloody knife in his hand, but somehow he was the one doing all of the bleeding, not the guy that was attacked. I think there was a broken beer bottle involved, too.

What's the point of reporting this to the public at large? Don't know, really.


Chivalry is Not Sexist, It's Sexy

I love the tickle on my back as a man helps me put a coat on. It doesn't mean I am so inept I cannot put a coat on for myself. It does not mean that I need a man to get protection from the cold.

Feminists are often confused by what sexist actually means. It is not sexist for someone to open the door for you. Both male and female people have done this for me. And if you are on a date, there is definitely a tingly edge to the pampering. No one is suggesting that I am incapable of opening doors by offering to open a door for me. It's just nice and a great way to let a person know that they are special to you. Why is that bad?

The feminist revolution has often meant that men have felt permission to behave badly. As a consequence we've eliminated dates and now have beastly things like "friends with privileges" and "hooking up."

Telling the men of the 21st century how to act like a gentleman is a noble task, and a much-needed service to gender relations.