Wanderlust - Go See This Movie!

My husband almost never laughs out loud, and he did that a lot while watching this movie.

The story is basically that a couple loses employment and has to leave their NYC condo - which is amazingly small. They go to stay with a very obnoxious brother and bolt when it gets to be too much to a commune they stumbled on.

It stars Jennifer Aniston, who does a great job as the wife who really takes to the commune life. You will recognize many other actors: PAUL RUDD, JUSTIN THEROUX, ALAN ALDA (plays one of the founding members of the commune terrifically), MALIN AKERMAN, KEN MARINO, KATHRYN HAHN, JOE LO TRUGLIO, KERRI KENNEY-SILVER, LAUREN AMBROSE, MICHAELA WATKINS, JORDAN PEELE.

Like many total escapes, it seems the commune and its lifestyle have an unique set of baggage all its own. Routine human boundaries are violated there and the results are hilarious. This is one hell of a movie, and I might even go to see it again. Not something I really do, BTW.