Stephanopolous Wears Too Much Makeup

Dude, if I can see your eyeshadow and mascara, you are wearing too much. And if you are interviewing the Republican candidate for President and he says that al Qaeda was in Iraq prior to our invasion, it is something you should pick up on and pursue.

In fact, a glimpse of George Stephanopolous on This Week interviewing Senator John McCain was a study in contrasts.

The skin color: McCain looked like a regular guy on t.v. Stephanopolous looked like he sprayed food coloring on himself.

The teeth: McCain had normal teeth with the usual variations. Stephanopolous looked like his mouth was full of industrial chicklets, glued together so tightly that he wouldn't even be able to floss.

The eyes: McCain had regular, droopy eyelides. Appropriate for a man his age. Stephanopolous was wearing eye shadow and mascara. Bleh!

Next to John McCain, Stephanopolous looked like a pretend man. Call me an old-fashioned girl, but I like a little rough edge on my men. And a little spine in my reporters.


Crashing the DC Goth Scene: Club Midnight

If a middle-aged Jewish woman in white sandals and a powder blue top can feel comfortable at Club Midnight, anyone can.

Proving that publicity is a mixed blessing, I saw a City Paper article on the DC Goth scene and dragged my husband to Club Midnight.

First of all, people were nice. No one really talked to us, but then we sat in a corner and drank soda.

The clothes were exceptional. One woman arrived in what looked like a black wedding dress. The hairpieces woven into the hairstyles were original and fun. There were men dressed as pirates. A few were in jeans. Pretty much everyone was wearing black except some rebellious young man all in red. One woman wore a country dress with two braids. Braids were big with this crowd, mostly with the women. So were fishnet stockings and bustiers.

If you're a guy into big boobs, be sure to drop by Club Midnight, where they hang like ornaments all over the place. For women, the men were polite and hip.

The age ranges were teen to mid-forties, which made me and my husband some of the oldest people in the room. The music was loud enough to enjoy but not so loud you couldn't have a conversation. And there's free candy.

The atmosphere was festive and reminded me of the old 9:30 Club when one of the band members was in AA and everyone from the DuPont meeting was there. People were smiling, laughing and hugging each other a lot. Everyone seemed to know each other.

I would recommend Club Midnight to anyone as a happy, wholesome place to go and meet people. I know that "happy, wholesome" does not fit with the Goth self-image, but here it fits. The people are nice and the atmosphere is relaxed. And no one made me feel awkward for dressing like a suburban matron.


Bush, McCain and Iraq

John McCain is a good soldier. So when he tells the President that he has his support on Iraq policies, John McCain means it. And he doesn't just mean it for the moment, he follows through with his words and his actions.

So Barak Obama wants to set a timetable for U.S. withdrawal from Iraq and the President of Iraq agrees. John McCain stands his ground as he doubtless agreed to do. Then the President talks about a timetable to withdraw himself, leaving John McCain as the only person supporting prolonged and indefinite staying in Iraq.

John McCain is at a disadvantage in dealing with George Bush. The President has no honor.

At bottom is a President who is incredibly threatened by a successor. So even if it is a clear advantage to do so, President Bush will not allow John McCain to succeed.

Mr. President, there will be no one to protect you from international prosecutions if you don't have John McCain in the Presidency. I just thought someone should tell you, that's all.

Obama the Statesman

Senator Barak Obama is appearing to be a better diplomat and representative of the United States than the current President. He looks Presidential, other foreign leaders obviously like him, he draws huge crowds.

George Bush is put to shame by the comparison with Barak Obama on international junkets. No one would ever dream that Barak Obama would wink at the Queen of England. Nor would we imagine the Senator telling the Pope his speech was "awesome."

In short, Senator Barak Obama has shown the United States what it means to be proud of the deportment of a President. Or potential President. Until this trip I didn't really take the fervid enthusiasm for Senator Obama too seriously. Now he has shown he really could do the job, and almost looks like he's starting doing it already.


Mexico, Texas and the Death Penalty

I want everybody in Texas to stop for a moment and just feel good about themselves. Breathe deeply and think of your sense of outrage and corresponding superiority. Think of your penchant for killing people. Dwell there a moment, because it won't last.

If the state of Texas is going to insist on killing a Mexican citizen while ignoring his right to contact his government for help, Texans need to prepare for something: that Mexico is going to do the same to you.

As excited as you are about another dead human being, you will be outraged that a Texan will be sentenced to life in prison without access to a Consular representative from the U.S. Embassy in Mexico. And all those feelings you have right now will be had by Mexican citizens, and the outrage will be yours.