Obama the Statesman

Senator Barak Obama is appearing to be a better diplomat and representative of the United States than the current President. He looks Presidential, other foreign leaders obviously like him, he draws huge crowds.

George Bush is put to shame by the comparison with Barak Obama on international junkets. No one would ever dream that Barak Obama would wink at the Queen of England. Nor would we imagine the Senator telling the Pope his speech was "awesome."

In short, Senator Barak Obama has shown the United States what it means to be proud of the deportment of a President. Or potential President. Until this trip I didn't really take the fervid enthusiasm for Senator Obama too seriously. Now he has shown he really could do the job, and almost looks like he's starting doing it already.


Jandi for The Fuzz said...

A lot of people think he's already there.

The Lazy Iguana said...

The rabid right made all sorts of noise about Obama not "looking presidential" and that he had not taken any trips overseas.

And then when he goes, and looks "presidential", and draws massive crowds, he is ridiculed for being "arrogant" and acting like he already won.

Anyhow you have inspired me to write a post on my site on this subject. I hope you get to see it.

David Kinnen said...

As a Brit and an outside observer it is clear to me that Senator Obama is able to engage with the world community in a way that has been lacking from the past few years.

The amount of anti-US feeling in Europe is quite staggering - though many of us love your culture, your music and your TV programmes we can find the political posturing a little tiring.

Mind you at least we won't have the Bush/Blair combo, no matter what happens.