Crashing the DC Goth Scene: Club Midnight

If a middle-aged Jewish woman in white sandals and a powder blue top can feel comfortable at Club Midnight, anyone can.

Proving that publicity is a mixed blessing, I saw a City Paper article on the DC Goth scene and dragged my husband to Club Midnight.

First of all, people were nice. No one really talked to us, but then we sat in a corner and drank soda.

The clothes were exceptional. One woman arrived in what looked like a black wedding dress. The hairpieces woven into the hairstyles were original and fun. There were men dressed as pirates. A few were in jeans. Pretty much everyone was wearing black except some rebellious young man all in red. One woman wore a country dress with two braids. Braids were big with this crowd, mostly with the women. So were fishnet stockings and bustiers.

If you're a guy into big boobs, be sure to drop by Club Midnight, where they hang like ornaments all over the place. For women, the men were polite and hip.

The age ranges were teen to mid-forties, which made me and my husband some of the oldest people in the room. The music was loud enough to enjoy but not so loud you couldn't have a conversation. And there's free candy.

The atmosphere was festive and reminded me of the old 9:30 Club when one of the band members was in AA and everyone from the DuPont meeting was there. People were smiling, laughing and hugging each other a lot. Everyone seemed to know each other.

I would recommend Club Midnight to anyone as a happy, wholesome place to go and meet people. I know that "happy, wholesome" does not fit with the Goth self-image, but here it fits. The people are nice and the atmosphere is relaxed. And no one made me feel awkward for dressing like a suburban matron.


Phoebe said...

Midnight is a great club. If you like Midnight, then come check out Dunkelheit. It's a new monthly goth/industrial event on First Fridays in DC.

T. Tever said...

I'm glad they finally got kicked out of The Meeting Place. The guy that runs Midnight, Scott Royce, is one of the sleaziest promoters I've ever come across. Do yourself a favor and avoid this club both as a performer and as a patron.

Econo-Girl said...

All promoters are a little sleazy. It goes with the territory. And I didn't get any sleazy vibe while there AT ALL. Neither did my husband, who would have been quick to say something if he did.

wendy said...

Scott Royce where are you
haven't seen in years

Good friend of mine lost contact

Wendydsjs @ Gmail . Com