Foreclosure: Idiot Professor Brent T. White advises underwater homeowners to walk away - Should Be Disbarred

Don't! Don't! Law Professor Brent T. White gives idiot suggestion that people with mortgages worth more than their homes should walk away from the house. Don't Do It!

This is why:

The house isn't always going to be worth what it is now. Prices of homes may steadily escalate in the future, in fact it would be very strange if they did not.

You have a very strong hand in negotiating the terms of the mortgage with the mortgage company because they would lose money if they foreclosed on you.

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This is Your Brain on Drugs - Japanese version

Remember the old public service announcement showing someone making eggs for breakfast and telling you how the frying egg was like your brain on drugs? Well, I guess that particular metaphor did not translate into Japanese culture. They prefer more athletic eggs. Watch.


Biden Kills Pedestrian in DC

Everyone knows that being a pedestrian in DC is a hazardous game. When you combine unyielding self-importance with one thousand pounds of metal you get a weapon of pedestrian destruction. When you multiply the number and concentration of such drivers, you get a Vice Presidential motorcade. And, sadly, destruction.

The Huffington Post is reporting on the Vice President's motorcade hitting a livery truck in New York City. This incident is after a Sheriff's Deputy was hit by a car while escorting Vice President Biden's security detail. And let's never forget the pedestrian who was killed by the Vice President's motorcade in Temple Hills, MD.

What staggers me is how no one is screaming about this issue. Someone was killed by a car in the Vice Presidential motorcade. By definition, there's a problem here. And it is not one freakish, isolated event. It is part of a pattern of reckless driving that is dangerous to pedestrians or anyone else on the roads.

Where are the Fox cable news pundits when you need them? If there was anything legitimate to yell and yammer on about, the Vice President's motorcade repeatedly hitting people would be one of them. It's elitist. It's acting drunk with power. It's not taking responsibility, especially since the problem has not been addressed. And the mainstream media has virtually ignored the issue. What a Fair and Balanced bonanza!

It is not beyond the pale for Fox news to lead the charge on what is clearly a dangerous problem. If they can encourage people who storm the halls of Congress, this one can at least get a few hours.