My Columbia Heights Garden vs. The Rats

I'm planning a vegetable garden this year for cost-saving and Earth-loving reasons. There's so much out there for urban gardeners now. Like a self-watering container that stores extra water so you don't have to worry about it drying out. And breeds of fruit and vegetable that will do well in containers. There are fruit trees that grow straight up and don't grow wide at all. I find that one really fascinating.

There are so many options to mull over that I am having a hard time making a decision.

One item is on the definite list, though. A sound-making device that scares away rats. DC is reclaimed swampland, after all. But DC rats are so big they might think it's disco music and start dancing. Seriously. Don't mess with DC rats. If you see them doing the hustle in your back yard, join them but don't break up the party.

General anti-rat advice that has proved to be the best is to sprinkle mothballs around. Seriously. Rats hate those things.

Rats really like tulip bulbs, apparently. And they get to them from tunneling underground. So you sprinkle pieces of mothball in the hole you dig for the bulb. Then you put in bulb food. Then you put in the bulb. Then you cover it up with dirt. It worked pretty well for me.

There are also containers that have fine mesh screens with them so no little critter can get to your food supply.


Down With Obama! - A Small Town Pennsylvania Girl Speaks

Barak Obama is not ready to be President of the United States. And the day he gets ready, he is not suitable to be President of the United States.

As a small town Pennsylvania girl growing up next to the Appalachian Trail, I lived, grew up and almost died in small town Pennsylvania. Do not mistake their beliefs as something to do until good jobs appear.

What Barak Obama's comments about "clinging to guns" really means is that he hopes America has changed more than it has. He is hoping that the color of his skin is not going to be a disadvantage in small town Pennsylvania if he can offer economic advantage. He is wrong. Not completely, but still he is wrong.

What Mr. Obama wishes is that these mythical small town Pennsylvanians are ready to abandon their racism, not their guns or religion. The color of a person's skin is going to be a factor in any small town Pennsylvania election. And in any District of Columbia election. Or any election in the United States of America. Race may not be the overwhelming weight it used to be on the scales, but it is still there.

Mr. Obama's comments reveal his attitude towards most of America as Lilliputians needing guidance. For that reason, he should never be President. And he never will be.

Bloggers are correct in saying that entire rituals surround the hunting experience. Besides which, it is fun! You get up early in the morning with your Dad, you pack your lunch, you go into the woods having put on your "kill the human scent" spray. And you wait. You wait for the deer to come out to eat so you can shoot them and bring home enough meat for the winter. Every one of us is here today because almost all of our ancestors did the same thing. They killed their food. It is not a bad thing.


Carpenters Strike in Downtown DC

If anyone goes near 17th and K during business hours these days, they will hear a lot of banging and yelling from people protesting the use of non-union carpenters on a building site there.

These people represent the carpenters union. But they do not belong to the carpenters union.

It seems that the carpenters union hires people as professional plastic drum players, yelling protesters and picket line walkers. They probably get them from DuPont Circle. Whoever they are, they do not belong to the union and they have their days free.

It is funny to think that the real carpenters are too busy working to spend the time yelling and banging in protest, It reminds me of Japan, where you can hire professional mourners for a funeral. Or rent an acceptable family for a business function.


Guide to a Perfect Garden

I noted that several neighbors in my Columbia Heights neighborhood had amazingly bright, large flowers in their yards. These flowers were flawless. They never dimmed, rotted or fell over. Through unexpected frosts, hail storms and evil winds, the flowers exhibited the same level of charm and beauty.

They were also plastic. Yes, that's right. People bought plastic flowers and planted them along their walkways and in their gardens. One person has even glued large fake roses to his rose bush.

I'm all in favor of efficiency, but we need to think of the poor little bees that also need to eat.


The Original Torture Memo and Legal Ethics

I am sure that I am not alone in feeling that John Yoo should be shot. But what about disbarred from the practice of law?

He facilitated criminal behavior by writing a ludicrous legal argument that encouraged breaking the laws against the use of torture. That is an ethics violation. He facilitated a crime. He knew it was a crime. There was no case law, statute, or regulation that supported his legal analysis.

You can't just come up with a legal theory, waive your hands in the air, and declare a formerly illegal act to be legal now that you came up with some reason to justify it. And as an attorney, John Yoo knew that.

John Yoo needs to be disbarred from the practice of law, at the least. Imprisonment would be better.