Fuck you, Goldfarb! Susan Boyle Has Not Peaked!

Susan Boyle has not "peaked" as a celebrity, you pompous ass. All you are doing in your blog post is another, more veiled and pathetic version of the "tear down" you accuse Fleet Street of doing.

I'd say "shame" but you don't have any.

Do you really think that all the millions of people who watch Susan Boyle's videos from around the world are just going to curl up and go away, off to think about something else? They won't. Her performance had incredible meaning for the world at a time when hope is the most powerful drug around.

The tabloids are reporting that Susan Boyle has had explosive outbursts. And? That would only make her a normal celebrity, if you are inclined to believe those reports at all, which I am not. Imagine how annoying it would be to suddenly be filmed every time you stepped outside of your house, with the attendant critcisms from people like you, Mr. Goldfarb.

I think you are just jealous.


Dog Park Daze in DC

Washington, DC is a heavily dog-owning town. The city is finally recognizing this by installing dog parks that legitimize the practices of letting your dogs run in a public fenced-in area, which was happening already.

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There is an official dog park at 11th and Florida Avenues NW that is large with lots of room for bigger dogs to run. Another fenced-in area right next to it is reserved for small dogs only. What a great idea. The little ones can run and play with each other without being intimidated by the size of the other dogs, which is when they will often turn aggressive.

There are bags to pick up poop and trash cans to throw it out.

The only problem I have is the owners of the regular dogs there aren't very engaged with their pets. I say this because they seem to have more interest in talking to each other and drinking coffee than watching their dogs. And the play can get a bit rough, too.

The ultimate message here is you need to watch your dog in a dog park no matter what. It doesn't matter that your dog plays with the same dogs every day. One day it could be different and there could be a fight. It's just what happens sometimes. They are animals, not people. And frankly, even people do that, too.


I Don't Believe the Torture Timeline

It doesn't make sense. Why would I have been fired for criticizing torture at the CIA in 2006, and that is what I was directly told, if the United States was no longer torturing people in 2006? When I wrote "Waterboarding is Torture, and Torture is Wrong," it was on an internal blog that only people with Top Secret clearances - with codeword clearances - could see. It was very internal. There would be no reason to fire me in 2006 for writing that if the torturing had stopped.

There is a story that guilty parties want you to believe, and they send it out to be swallowed whole by the press. To wit, the CIA officer who came to the media to claim that waterboarding was only used a few times. That was a lie. It was a calculated lie. The goal was to get people off of their outrage and on to other issues. And with luck, the inquiries would stop there.

No luck.

So now another story is being floated. It is the idea that there was only torturing done for a little while, and then saner heads ruled and it went away. Don't believe it.

Nothing short of a full inquiry will reveal what actually happened. The American public deserves to know how their tax dollars were used and what useless crimes were committed in the name of their safety and revenge.


Two Russian tourists challenge Florida law prohibiting sex with porcupines

Two Russian tourists who challenged a Florida law prohibiting sexual relationship with a porcupine have had to undergo a lengthy treatment for genital inflammation.

Inspired by a Florida law outlawing sex with porcupines, the two very drunk Russians decided to find out why it would be illegal - the obvious not being apparent to them, I guess.

They fled the state and sought treatment in California, thereby evading Florida arrest. That's fine. I just want to see their pictures.

Obama Speech at Notre Dame: Greed and Traditional American Values

President Obama decried the short-sighted greed that landed the United States in this economic mess, and prior to the mess, "left millions behind" during the period of economic boom during a speech at Notre Dame.

Please remember that traditional American values do not include debt or flashy expenditures. Traditional American values are hard work for an honest days pay, and Americans were naturally suspicious of easy money or making money off of the sweat of others. That's traditional American values.

In a call to reject the "greed and short-term thinking" the President asks us to actually return to the values that once defined America. I guess we all just forgot that's what America used to stand for. Remember the phrase "Greed is Good" from the Eighties? It signaled a change in how Americans viewed themselves and their values. The emphasis shifted from working hard to materialism.

The American Dream wasn't in the material wealth we could accumulate. It was in the opportunity to worship freely and the chance to work hard and get ahead based on our own honest efforts.

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Miss California Press Conference - Parody by LisaNova

This is a hysterical version of Miss California's views on gay marriage and her Christian tolerance.

LisaNova does a lot of great parodies.


How the Torture Thing Is Going to Shake Out

The ranking Democrats are inoculating themselves against torture charges by claiming that being informed doesn't mean that are complicit with the torture policies. They are claiming that they couldn't say anything about what they knew because it was classified.

Since when has that stopped anyone in Congress in the past?

Is accepting this line part of the price we are willing to pay to get the U.S. Government willing to have an investigation into the Bush Administration's torture policies? That's what Pelosi is hoping for.


Drinkingwithbob on: No Democracy in America

He blames Barack Obama when it is the U.S. political system that is the problem, but his points are well taken.

The New York Times Op Ed page has more influence on the U.S. government than the majority of the people in this country all saying the same thing.

But the other idea is that desegregation wouldn't have happened at all if it was left up to most of the people in the U.S. So there are limits to governing by popular will.


Poisoned Water: Reagan's Real Legacy

Why is it that autism has been dramatically on the rise since 1980? The Reagan Administration was responsible for the deregulation of environmental controls that pumped toxins into our water supply and our Earth.

Now it seems that the EPA is finally going to regulate the toxic sludge coming out of factories. Finally. It's in our waterways, the ground, the air and our bodies.

One day we will find out how badly our health has been affected by these toxins in our environment. Then Reagan will look very different indeed.