How Others See US Police

This video is hysterical.  It shows a stop along a highway by police.  And I could really see it happening.


Survival Advice That Will Get You Killed - YouTube Prepper

YouTube channel TheModernSurvivalist describes his experience living in a country that has experienced an economic meltdown.  This video describes the situations that you will face if the economy collapses and what he has seen.

His videos tend to be a bit wordy, but are full of great information.  He tells about some survival advice that is really not going to work. Again, this advice is based on his experience.

It is a video worth watching.  One of his gems: "Distances doe not equal safety.  If you got there, so can others."  He prefers to be within screaming distance of his neighbors, not in an isolated location.

Most Popular Prepper on YouTube

This YouTuber is DEMCAD.  He talks about practical prepping and gives information related to survival in an urban area.  This video is about his big errors in prepping and what he would have done differently.

From time to time, he has a live video chat online. You can phone him and talk about prepping or general interests.  He likes ballet, for instance. Check it out.

"The future belongs to those who prepare for it today."


Cute Kid Asking a Girl Out to Coffee

This is Repzion from YouTube. He is describing how he felt before, during and after asking a girl to go out to coffee with him. It really is cute.

Econo-Girl is of a previous generation, however.  One that would be concerned that the object of my attentions would actually go on to YouTube and see a twelve minute dialog on having a crush on someone.  Generational divide, anyone?

The Avengers Movie

Wow. Leisure Lad and I saw the 3D version of The Avengers last night. It was fantastic. On the whole, action adventure movies don't do much for me. It's boring when things explode for ten minutes straight. Of course, 3D is a category unto itself. Especially in this film. There's a giant skyscraper in New York City and we get to see superheroes jumping off of it all the time.

Aliens directed by Loki descend onto the streets of New York to invade Earth because Loki wants to be the king of something and hates his stronger, more handsome brother Thor. Great bod, by the way, on Thor and Captain America. The subplot of the German gods is very interesting. Although Loki is the villain, does he have to be skinny, pale with greasy hair? Is there some backstory about this? There seems to be a romance with the german gods in the American culture at play here. It's interesting that it didn't turn out to be the greek or roman gods.

Thor is the great protector of our planet, and the love of his life is human. Thor has problems controlling his rage, likes smashing things that get him angry and isn't a big thinker. Since Loki thinks humans are basically sheep who want and need to be ruled, by default, Thor is in favor of freedom and self-determination. Loki is more intelligent. Loki had a playful and trouble-making side which is absent in The Avengers, and looks down on humans. So the bad guy here is basically an Eastern establishment elite stereotype. Our protector, Thor, jumps in with a hammer and starts fighting. Always more satisfying to watch, especially with all those muscles.

Space aliens invading Earth is not a new subject. Of course, the story is told strictly from the perspective of the United States. There is some Council that tries to interfere with military decisions, but they are overruled by human heroes. The implication is that there is one global government, which of course cannot protest humanity from threats to its existence.

 Captain America, who had just woken up from fighting World War II and didn't understand what people meant all the time. He also wasn't burdened with the social attitudes of the 1940s. The Captain America cap looked a little silly, and he spent most of the movie fighting without it. The Black Widow jumped and flipped around all the time. Great feature in a 3D movie. The Incredible Hulk made quite the transition from a mentally-deranged monster to a monster who obeyed orders and engaged in critical thinking - all before our eyes without explanation! Iron Man was played by Robert Downey, Jr. with his girlfriend portrayed by Gwenyth Paltrow.

The movie was entertaining but not suspenseful. Never did the the audience wonder if the superheroes would win or if one of them would die. The movie would have been better with some realistic questions in the back of our minds.