Walmart Death

What is wrong with people? First of all, Walmart should have called the police when they saw how big the crowds were getting. Crowd control is what the police do. Not Walmart.

Has our avarice gotten so awful that we kill for a bargain? Actually stomp someone to death?

That poor man was just trying to earn some money before the holiday. It's the quintessential American tragedy. Dying so someone can get a bargain.


Jerry Troop's Bailout Plan - Best One Yet

*actual cost to taxpayers, $60,000,000,000, sixty billion, (cost of Iraq war for X days)

The basic Idea is simple, make Fed Guaranteed short-term loans of $10,000 available to individuals. (about a hundred million of them)

> The rate is 10% per annum and the first year's interest is waived on any money repaid within 1 year.
> Ideally, these loans are intended to be repaid within 1 year and the money used to increase income, decrease expenses, energy usage, or other waste so that there is a lasting net gain after loan is repaid.
>Loans are written with repayment plan of $1000/month beginning payments 1 year from initiation of loan. 2 years interest are included as payments. Payment schedule will be rewritten for new balance on money not repaid after 1 year.

>>>>>>>>>>>Loans will be issued in stages over a 4 year period.<<<<<<<<

STAGE ONE, taxpayers with excellant credit.
This amounts to a gift to America's most solid citizens.
People with AAA credit, whose taxes are paid will be offered, without having to ask , a sort of a "Revolving charge card". The understanding being that the first year's interest on all charges is gratis, IF the bal. is paid in one year. These people could easily get loans at moderate rates, but are smart enough not to. They will spend the money wisely and pay it back before interest begins. I want to see these loans out by Xmas.

Their applications will include the questions "What do you want to do with the money?" and "How will you repay it?"
Loans will be granted based on Quality of application. Applicants denied will be referred to stage 3.


SBA and such offer business and personal financial mgt. courses.
Graduation is a prerequisate for approval for this level of participant.

STAGE FOUR----- Applicants who don't qualify for stage 3
These are the habitual poor.
To lend them $10k would likely do them more harm than good.
They would qualify for $1000 initial loans, knowing full well they are likely to need "second chance" loans as soon as the first loan payments become due. Those payments would be due beginning in one month."Third chance" and "fourth chance" loans would also be available. If they prove themselves responsible by making their payments on time, completing required courses, and submitting an acceptable financial plan, they may qualify for full $10,000 loan.


The loan principle ($250,000,000,000. Each dollar will be lent 4 times over 4 years), will be raised by selling T-bills paying 6%+-.
The interest will be paid out of the taxpayers general fund. Please note that this will NOT raise your taxes, other than the usual result of increased income. Yet treasury will increase because of a higher GNP.

Like a student loan, this loan will not be eradicated by bankruptcy. They continue to accumulate interest until the borrower dies. Delinquent borrowers will be contacted by people very experienced in helping people help themselves. And those same people want that money back in the program to help other people. The interest paid will more than cover the debt written off.


No, I Did Not Go To Yale

It's just a sweatshirt! It's not a resume!

Somehow, throughout Washington, DC, I am constantly getting comments on the Yale Bulldogs just because I wear this sweatshirt. It's warm! It cost a dollar! Leave me alone!

Especially in AU Park. People will call across the street to me. Others poke their children and point at me and shout, "Look! There's a Yalie!"

Others just ask me if I went to Yale.

"No, I just buy the sweatshirts at thrift shops."

Today someone asked me about my Yale sweatshirt on the way to my legal temp assignment and actually seemed annoyed that I was wearing the shirt without having gone there.

It's just a sweatshirt. You know, like Yale is just a school. Because it is.

People should be more concerned about something else. Maybe they could ask, instead, "Are you related to George Bush?"


"Are you getting foreclosed on?"


"Does your father own an oil company?"


"Is anyone in your family fighting in the war in Iraq or Afghanistan?"


National Security and the Auto Industry

The United States needs the auto industry because we need the factories in case we need to produce weapons in them.

The United States needs to support the rail system because it is the fastest way to move thousands of troops from one side of the country to the other.

The United States needs to maintain its highways and bridges also to facilitate the movement of troops from one side of the country to the other.

People whose insight includes only profit take a lot for granted.

Fucked Over By Wall Street Once Again

The U.S. automakers have had their request for a bailout denied. Why? Because when the U.S. Congress gave bailout money to the bankers of Wall Street, it was misused by giving dividends and bonuses out instead of preventing foreclosures.

So now a real industry, one that actually produces something, has to come up with a plan that Congress approves prior to getting any money.

And I assure you that far more people will be hurt by the U.S. auto industry failing than any other industry in America.


Cheney, Gonzales Indicted

Ahh - it has already begun. The Bush Administration isn't even out the door yet and the recriminations for their illegal behaviour has begun.

I guess the only question was: when? When were people going to start taking pot shots at the Bush Administration? When would they feel safe enough from their vindictive wrath to start shooting holes in the absurd legal theories that are about to expose the Bush Administration to shame?

Rather quickly, it seems. Like, before George Bush is out the door.

That's when you know the game is over. Bye-Bye!



Everything we have worried about is happening. As much as every Federal Reserve chief and Treasury Secretary has wanted to avoid inflation, deflation was a much greater fear.

Well, here we are! Prices are going down and consumers are soon going to get the idea that all they have to do is wait to get a better price. And that will propel a further contraction in the economy. It's a self-perpetuating cycle.

The exception will be food. There's an anticipated reduction in the volume of food available in stores for the Spring.


You Know the Ku Klux Klan is in Decline When...

They are so paranoid and stupid that they kill their own initiates. That's what happened to a woman who wanted to be taken to a nearby town after they shaved her head.

Who ever came up with the shaved head thing anyway?

The KKK is in its last gasps of life. Good thing, too.

Sarah Palin (Thong Song) by Crisco

Interesting cultural phenomenon: sexy songs about a Vice Presidential candidate. It's satire, of course. But you know that a large part of America is hot for her.

I think that Sarah Palin is getting a bad rap. People are attacking her because she played a role in the McCain campaign, and yes, was ill-prepared for a national competition.

What's she's proven, though, is she's tough and smart. She's not going away. Welcome, Sarah.


America Returns

And none too soon. In the end, the right-wing nut jobs who tried to reverse the New Deal, have failed.

I can't wait for the new President to set the Wall Street recipients of the bailout right. You can't take billions of our money and then decide your going to use it to buy other banks instead of making loans. Oh, and give yourselves economic bonuses. That, too.

Or at least I hope he does.

The America of my youth has returned. And I can't wait.


Drug War in Bolivia

The United States is accusing Bolivia of not doing enough to stop the flow of drugs out of that country.

How about the demand for drugs in this one?

We really can't control the flow of drugs as long as there is so much demand here in the United States. In fact, the only thing that the United States can really affect is the demand for illegal drugs by making it harder and riskier to purchase them.

Let's take all the DEA agents and all the money we are using to fight drug trafficking abroad and use it here in the States to attack demand. It would boost the economy by keeping those dollars at home. And we could stop blaming other countries for our own vicious appetites.