Barak Obama needs me!

Clearly the Democratic party has no shame.  I still get these awful, begging emails multiple times a day.

Note to Barak Obama:  leave me alone.

Begin forwarded message:

Christine -- We're at a crucial moment.

The Senate is at stake and if the Republicans win just six seats, they'll take control -- of BOTH houses of Congress.

What would that mean? They'd enact plenty of tax cuts for billionaires, but no policies to strengthen the middle class. And everything we've achieved together would be at risk.

We have to stop them. Our staff and thousands of volunteers are working tirelessly to register voters and make sure they get to the polls on Election Day.

But we only have 36 days left -- which means we need to ramp up our efforts dramatically. So I need you to decide now:

Will you pitch in to help us win and keep the Senate before the FEC deadline in 36 hours? Your gift will be triple-matched.

If you've saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:

Pitch in $3 IMMEDIATELY >>

Pitch in $8 IMMEDIATELY >>

Pitch in $17 IMMEDIATELY >>

Pitch in $25 IMMEDIATELY >>

Pitch in $35 IMMEDIATELY >>

Or donate another amount.

Right now, Democrats are building the biggest grassroots organization ever seen in a midterm election, using the components that made my own 2008 and 2012 campaigns so successful.

But I know from those campaigns that the last few weeks are the most crucial. With all hands on deck, we'll be able to keep the Senate.

Will you pitch in before tomorrow's FEC deadline so we can go on offense and win? I can't stress enough how critical it is that you act now.

With your help, we'll win this one.

Thank you,
Barack Obama






Ray Rice: What We All Don't Get

You get hit by your fiance, and then when you hit back you are knocked unconscious and dragged around like a bag of garbage.  Then you marry him.
That's part of what I don't get.
The rest is about Ray Rice's job.  I don't get how anyone could think he is paid only to throw a football around.  Ray Rice is in the entertainment industry.  His image is part of what he is being paid for.  He is not inventing machines to save time, lives or money.  He is paid to play a game.  People watch football teams because they identify with them and enjoy good athletes in action. 
When you offend your fan base, your use to the team is reduced.  Because professional athletes are entertainers.  Your livlihood depends on other people wanting to see you perform.
So do you get it now?