Kevin McGuigan is Dead

Live by the sword, die by the sword.

Kevin McGuigan was an IRA assassin.  He was blamed for the killing of Jock Davison, a former IRA leader.  According to the Guardian, his family believes McGuigan's killing was done by the Provisional IRA.  This opinion is shared by bloggers more apt to report word of mouth.

A review of violent terrorists' fates provides a short list of outcomes, in my opinion:
  1. most likely you are killed by your "friends," and this option is first by a long shot,
  2. second-most likely you are killed by similar groups who are in bitter competition with your group, 
  3. third-most likely you are killed by whatever government you oppose, 
  4. fourth-most likely is you become a violent criminal, 
  5. fifth-most likely is you kill yourself,
  6. and lastly, and very rarely, you survive to embrace peace, and become an activist or politician.
So if we were to draw lessons from this list, it would be that choosing to express your political ideas through violence puts you in league with others who do the same.  And, what do you know, they tend to express non-political opinions with violence also.

A paranoid, suspicious group of people, used to betrayal, who kill others to achieve their goals, will naturally turn on one another.

This is not an opinion on who is responsible for Kevin McGuigan's death.  I have no idea.

But in general terms, using violence to achieve goals tosses out the people who do the fighting.  Even if they win, they don't.