Dog Walking is a Great Business

Dog walking is a great business to get started because the capital requirements are ZERO, the credit requirements are ZERO and the bullshit office politics are ZERO. It’s just you and the dogs, every day.

If you are at a time in your life where you need to be distracted from life problems, depression, or are having trouble adjusting your way back into society, dog walking is a great way to connect with other beings, and then human beings.

The sunlight and exercise lifts your spirits and your outlook, and puts life’s essentials front and center: food, walks and napping.

CalBank Set to Foreclose on Synagogue

The LA Times reports that CalBank is preparing to foreclose on a synagogue, Congregation Beth Shalom, in Corona, California.

""No question, we took a hit on the amount of money coming in. We built at the worst possible time, like a lot of people around here," said congregation President Bruce Williams. "We need some help getting our loan modified. But rather than sitting down with us, the bank wants to foreclose. It's mind-boggling."

Members of interfaith coalitions in Corona and Riverside will join synagogue leaders Tuesday for protest outside a local branch of the bank seeking the foreclosure, San Diego-based California Bank and Trust, known as CalBank. Williams hopes the rally will pressure the bank to renegotiate."

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Get an Audit of Your Foreclosure Case Against the Bank

"Last year, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase and other big servicers agreed to give more than 4 million borrowers who were in some stage of foreclosure between Jan. 1, 2009, and Dec. 31, 2010, the option of an independent audit of their loan account."

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Foreclosed Home Reentered by Former Owners

Homeowners who have been taken out of their homes have decided to reenter those homes to continue living there. There's a danger of being arrested for trespass, but that is a risk that some are willing to take.

Since many homes are left empty after foreclosure, often for years, and then the homes are left to go into disrepair, there is a certain logic to this action.

With a family living in the house, it will not be stripped for its wires and fixtures. The home will also not be occupied by criminals and vagrants.

The full article is at My Valley News.

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Does Your Dog Have a Broken Leg

When a Dog’s Leg is Broken
A dog’s leg is broken when they can’t put any weight on it. Or at least that is what you should assume if that is what your dog is doing. The next step is taking her to the vet.
The vet says that you can tell if there's a fracture to a dog's leg if the dog is trying not to put weight on the leg. At least you should take the dog into the vet at that point. And if the dog is walking normally, there is no fracture. Just a handy rule of thumb.

The dog walker we had, before being in the business ourselves, had lost our puppy at least four times in the last two months while walking it. So he takes the dogs to the same fenced area with the gap in the fence every day, and keeps going back even though the puppy, Molly, runs away about once a week lately.

So this time Molly runs into the street and gets sideswiped by a car that naturally doesn't even bother to stop. Her leg is broken.

I ask you: what kind of walker takes a dog to the same place it always runs away from? My husband thinks that the guy is cheap and an old friend and means well. He says we should just insist that the puppy always be leashed, and since we never told that dog walker to do that we don't have room to complain about him.

I don’t agree. Always leash the dog.

Dog Walker Hell Week

Dog Walker Hell Week

It's over. I had ten extra walks per day for the last week and a half. It has been a few decades since I have been that bone-tired. Dog walking is manual labor. It may seem like unfettered fun to you cubicle-dwellers, but there's a lot to worry about.

First, every single dog owner has a specific set of instructions that applies to their dog alone. You need to remember all of it. Then, the dog doesn't always WANT to go outside if it's raining or snowing. My dog Amber is like that. She just looks at me like I'm insane and pulls a sit-down strike.

Of course there's the old, lazy dog that suddenly gets a burst of youth and makes a run for it. Always keep a firm grip on the leash. No one was more surprised than my husband and me when this little one dashed off and we had to go chasing her.

Logistics is everything in dog walking. The clock rules your day. You need to be at certain places at certain times and have to map out your strategy for getting there.

Of course as your business grows, you hire people. Then it really gets tough. Like the guy who sat in someone's house and ate a bucket of chicken and left some of the bones and biscuits lying around. The client was a vegetarian, by the way.

There was another guy who thought of himself as a kind of roaming Dick Cavett and would get to houses as the people were getting home from work - big no no - and then have in-depth conversations about country music or the economy. And I'll bet they were great conversations. But you need not to lose your focus: caring for the dog. No matter how much they smile and laugh, they will get angry and fire you if you fail to do this.

That brings up another issue. As a dog walker, you are in the servant class. No matter how jovial clients are, they think of you as the maid. And neighbors delight in watching you and telling the client if you have not picked up poop.

Remember, your clients are the humans, not the dogs. It's hard to remember this fact. You may like the dog more than you like the owner. After a while, though, you will become close to many owners.

The up side is that you get into really good shape and the dogs are always so glad to see you. It really lifts the spirits. They are such sweet little beings and the weather in DC is very mild most of the time, making a nice walk with a dog such a pleasure. I would walk along Rock Creek and think of all the times when I was working inside how much I would love just a few minutes of walking around in that weather. And I do it every day. It is glorious.


Michigan Case Good for Foreclosure Victims

A Michigan Court of Appeals has just ruled that lower court’s decision to dismiss a case against JP Morgan Chase was in error.

JP Morgan Chase failed to record their interest in the mortgage note held by Eui H. and In Sook Kim. Eui H. and In Sook Kim then sued JP Morgan Chase for wrongful foreclosure. The case was initially dismissed, but that decision has been reversed by the appeals court because JP Morgan Chase’s interest in the mortgage was not recorded.

This decision has the possibility of affecting many other wrongful foreclosure suits in the United States.

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2010 Foreclosures Down, More Foreclosures Expected in 2011

The above article from AP discusses foreclosure trends in the U.S. and offers predictions, and reasons for them.

Basically, the reporter is drawing a straight line between the number of underwater mortgages and anticipated default rates. While that may be a valid analysis, it does assume that homeowners who are underwater in their mortgages will mostly opt for defaulting rather than waiting the housing price decline out.

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DC HPAP Participants in Foreclosure Trouble

"D.C. housing officials have routinely subsidized home purchases that low-income buyers could not afford, paving the way for foreclosures, liens and financial hardships.

Nearly one in five buyers participating in the city’s 35-year-old loan program for first-time homeowners is behind on mortgage payments, city officials said — a default rate that’s at least three times higher than the overall rate in the region. Nearly 50 buyers have received notices of foreclosure in recent years, while more than 50 others have struggled with homeowner association or utility liens, The Washington Post has found."

See full article here.

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