Does Your Dog Have a Broken Leg

When a Dog’s Leg is Broken
A dog’s leg is broken when they can’t put any weight on it. Or at least that is what you should assume if that is what your dog is doing. The next step is taking her to the vet.
The vet says that you can tell if there's a fracture to a dog's leg if the dog is trying not to put weight on the leg. At least you should take the dog into the vet at that point. And if the dog is walking normally, there is no fracture. Just a handy rule of thumb.

The dog walker we had, before being in the business ourselves, had lost our puppy at least four times in the last two months while walking it. So he takes the dogs to the same fenced area with the gap in the fence every day, and keeps going back even though the puppy, Molly, runs away about once a week lately.

So this time Molly runs into the street and gets sideswiped by a car that naturally doesn't even bother to stop. Her leg is broken.

I ask you: what kind of walker takes a dog to the same place it always runs away from? My husband thinks that the guy is cheap and an old friend and means well. He says we should just insist that the puppy always be leashed, and since we never told that dog walker to do that we don't have room to complain about him.

I don’t agree. Always leash the dog.

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