Bernie - Go See This Movie!

It is so refreshing to see actors stretch their range in surprising ways. Jack Black is the lead in "Bernie," a movie about a man who befriends a cranky and quite nasty old widow. Bernie is a nice man who seems to help other non-stop. He generous, kind and thoughtful.

Matthew McConaughey is the District Attorney in the case at the center of the story. Again, he does a great job with the role. It took half the movie to realize it was him.

Shirley MacLaine portrays the elderly widow in a stunning performance, as usual. The widow's character makes a fantastic transformation through the film, due in large part to Ms. MacLaine's acting talent.

The movie is not what you expect at all. My main criticism of movies of this sort is that the ending is so easy to predict. Not so with "Bernie." I won't give away the ending.

When you think you have seen just about everything that crime stories have to give, you will be surprised by this movie. The dash of realism gives "Bernie" a poignancy other films lack.

Do yourself a favor. See this movie.