Sherlyn Popelka - Does Nike Sponsor a Drunk Hit and Run Driver

The Arizona Star reports:

"Sherlyn Popelka was driving on a suspended license on May 8 when she collided with a motorcyclist at North Campbell Avenue and East Speedway, records show. After spending the night in jail, Popelka was released May 9.

The case was initially reported as a hit-and-run because Popelka, 19, continued driving after hitting the motorcyclist, who was injured. But it was later determined that she stopped about a block away."
It seems that Sherlyn Popelka never showed up in court and skipped the country. Further, the injured motorcyclist has not received any compensation for his injuries. What a loser and coward Sherlyn Popelka is. And what a stupid name. Sherlyn? Right out of the trailer park.

See the arrest report Sherlyn Popelka Arrest Report


Anonymous said...

...sounds like one evil girl and her family is no better...

Anonymous said...

I hope some day this young woman reflects back on what harm to another human being she caused.