Love Those Goldman Sachs Photos!

It's great vindication to see fabulously wealthy people cringe. Goldman Sachs executives are being grilled and made to cower for stealing from their clients and the American taxpayer. We love it!

My favorite part is the dim realization - I always loved dim realizations - on the part of Goldman Sachs executives that this nightmare isn't over. The American people want blood and they can see it in the eyes of the electronic lynching mob. And we can tell every time we see one of those pictures!

I can't be the only person daydreaming about throwing things, messy suit-ruining things, at Goldman Sachs executives. Maybe an attack with Silly String would be just the thing.

We may be losing our homes, going to food banks, making our children's clothing out of curtains, but we have the satisfaction of seeing the powerful grovel. And there promises to be much more. Hooray!


Truth on Danziger Bridge

Mainstream media is now reporting the massacre by police officers one week after Hurricane Katrina destroyed much of New Orleans. The story was originally reported by the Workers Daily, the Communist newspaper. For years, this story sat there, ignored by media outlets because two of the eyewitness reporters were Communist.

So while we are all clucking about the tragedy, let's remember to hold the media accountable as well.


Karzai's Conundrum

Afghanistan leader Karzai has threatened to join the Taliban if everybody doesn't get off his back about corruption and voter fraud. Nobody believes him, of course, because even he knows the Taliban would kill him in a New York minute if they get near him.

Karzai is in the very uncomfortable situation of needing all these foreigners in his country in order to have a country at all. There's no question that he needs them to restore order, establish infrastructure, etc. He can't muster the resources on his own to do any of it.

But guess what? We also need him. That's what he's saying with his rants. We do need him. So stop dropping in with demands and thinly veiled insults about integrity. He's getting sick of it. That's all he's saying.


The Editor of Russian Newsweek Should Take His Clothes Off More Often

Hey, Mikhail Fishman looks pretty good without clothes. As editor of the Russian Newsweek, you normally wouldn't expect videos of yourself doing cocaine with hookers to be all over the Internet. But the critics of the current regime in Moscow are experiencing this all the time these days.

But maybe "hey I'm naked and on YouTube because I criticized the Russian President" should become a trend. Of course they are being set up. You'd expect that, seeing what's happening to the other guys, they'd be a little more careful. Alas, that is not to be.

The best inoculation for this is indifference. So what? He did a little recreational use of drugs and cavorted with hookers. Be more careful next time, Mikhail. Better yet, get a girlfriend.

I believe the Mikhail Fishman could really make something of this incident. He should go to popular magazines and offer to pose half-dressed for the cover. Maybe start a web site for his fans, or a Facebook page. The sky is the limit and we are allowed to define ourselves in the digital media age.

I guess the final roundup is that hookers and cocaine isn't that shocking anymore, not with the Vatican accused of covering up for child-molesting priests. And Mikhail Fishman still looks good without clothes.