The Rutland and Stamford Mercury, a U.K. Newspaper NOT involved in the current wiretapping scandal, reports that cows are head-butting dog walkers who cut through their fields.

' A DOG walker has warned people using rights of way about the dangers of walking through cattle fields.

Curtis Fermor-Dunmare, 33, of Rutland Heights, Stamford, was attacked by a herd near Elton when he was out walking his two dogs last week.

The cows chased him and headbutted him in an attempt to get to the dogs, a cockerspaniel and a labrador.

He said: “I was absolutely terrified. We’re told to keep dogs on leads, but in this case it would have been better to let them off and run.” '

This is never reported in the United States. Maybe it's leftover from mad cow disease.

Family Dog Trained as PTSD Helper

A soldier returning from Iraq had serious PTSD symptoms, and chose her dog to get trained as a helper dog to relieve her of her anxiety. It worked wonderfully.

In a larger sense, our pets were bred for a useful purpose, and it helps them and us to train our pets to do something useful.

The story can be accessed by clicking on the title to this post.


Dog Walkers Banned in UK Park -But Not Drunken Parties

Moss Park, in Middlewich, UK, is a place of dog walking controversy. It's seems that irresponsible dog walkers have led to the park being closed to dogs. However, the ban has not been extended to irresponsible partiers.

A letter to the editor of the Middlewich Guardian complains of abandoned clothing lying all over the place as more offensive than dog poop. I have to agree. Dog poop may be annoying and offensive, but nothing says "trashy" more than abandoned clothes lying all over the ground in the morning. To say nothing about the cans and beer bottles.

As a former resident of Columbia Heights, DC, I would walk my dog on weekend mornings and marvel at the single shoes and shirts and socks lying on the street. Did someone actually lose their shoe, only one of them, and not realize it enough to stop and pick it up? That amazes me. Especially since they were often high heels. How could you walk on high heel and not notice the other was gone? It would be like one leg suddenly becoming longer by three inches. You are inclined to notice these things.

So Moss Park is dog-free but not party-free. I'd be outraged, too.


What Your Dog is Trying to Tell You

My dog Amber must be part retriever because, her entire life, she has grabbed socks and things and walked around the room when we got her leash for a walk. I never understood this. Doesn't she want to go on a walk? Sooner rather than later?

According to a new book out of Great Britain, In Defence of Dogs, this is just normal excited behavior for a retriever. They love to retrieve and will pick up anything at hand that will do the job.

We bought Amber from drug dealers on the street in Columbia Heights, DC, when the neighborhood was much worse than it is now. In 2002, drug gangs were having a turf war and young men were stationed on every corner throughout the night to protect their territory. One of these young men sold us Amber for nine dollars. He said he wanted her to have a good life.

To say the least, Amber was excitable when we first brought her home. But we loved her and worked with her to calm her down. It took a while.

But no matter what, she still grabs a sock or toy in her mouth and runs around when she gets excited. We have never done a DNA test on her breed, but her behavior is that of a retriever, according to this new book.


Doggie DNA

The DNA of dogs is being used to determine which owners are not picking up the poop from their beloved pets.

Personally, I think it's kind of funny.

Dog poop can really bring down an apartment complex. The stink, the fleas, it can ruin even the nicest of places.

No doubt there are people who will consider this activity a violation of their rights. But the dog doesn't have any constitutional rights. Neither does his publicly-deposited poop.

So scofflaws - beware! The dog poop police are out to get you.

See article in New York Times on this issue by clicking on the title to this post.

Dominique Strauss Kahn Should Be Prosecuted

Why is the Establishment press letting DSK off the hook on such specious arguments?

Frankly, I'm shocked. If ever there was an argument for how the United States has a controlled press, this incident would be it.

First of all, what does any of the allegations against the maid in question have to do with what happened to her? I don't care if she kills people for a living, if she was raped, she was raped.

Her asylum status, her previous connections with drug dealers, etc. have nothing to do with what happened to her. She was forced to blow some old, fat white guy. If she were robbed, would the police and District Attorney refuse to press charges?

It seems the only person in the United States who can get raped is a 12-year-old honor student who never cut class.

This decision not to prosecute means open season on all women in America.