Dominique Strauss Kahn Should Be Prosecuted

Why is the Establishment press letting DSK off the hook on such specious arguments?

Frankly, I'm shocked. If ever there was an argument for how the United States has a controlled press, this incident would be it.

First of all, what does any of the allegations against the maid in question have to do with what happened to her? I don't care if she kills people for a living, if she was raped, she was raped.

Her asylum status, her previous connections with drug dealers, etc. have nothing to do with what happened to her. She was forced to blow some old, fat white guy. If she were robbed, would the police and District Attorney refuse to press charges?

It seems the only person in the United States who can get raped is a 12-year-old honor student who never cut class.

This decision not to prosecute means open season on all women in America.

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