Dog Walkers Banned in UK Park -But Not Drunken Parties

Moss Park, in Middlewich, UK, is a place of dog walking controversy. It's seems that irresponsible dog walkers have led to the park being closed to dogs. However, the ban has not been extended to irresponsible partiers.

A letter to the editor of the Middlewich Guardian complains of abandoned clothing lying all over the place as more offensive than dog poop. I have to agree. Dog poop may be annoying and offensive, but nothing says "trashy" more than abandoned clothes lying all over the ground in the morning. To say nothing about the cans and beer bottles.

As a former resident of Columbia Heights, DC, I would walk my dog on weekend mornings and marvel at the single shoes and shirts and socks lying on the street. Did someone actually lose their shoe, only one of them, and not realize it enough to stop and pick it up? That amazes me. Especially since they were often high heels. How could you walk on high heel and not notice the other was gone? It would be like one leg suddenly becoming longer by three inches. You are inclined to notice these things.

So Moss Park is dog-free but not party-free. I'd be outraged, too.

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