Gustav: Taking the Party Hat Off

The chair of the Republican Party is "taking his party hat off" relating to the storm Gustav and its relief efforts. But only because everybody is looking now.

When the victims of Katrina were invisible, this Administration didn't care. The political theorists felt that the Federal government should have a reduced role in rescuing states in distress, and the result was death and chaos.

They won't get away with that again, and they know it.

So now they care. I really believe they do. For themselves.

Cindy McCain Lies About Her Sisters

How can you lie about having sisters? When you don't split an inheritance equitably.


Granny With a Gun

CNN Video has a clip about great-grandmother Lena Smith holding a burglar at gun point until the police arrive. And it's a heart-warming, elder-empowerment story.

Now let's imagine the equally plausible possibility that she had a little bit of dementia and shot the mailman.

Seniors with guns is an increasing social issue, and one that is going to be repeatedly tragic in the coming years.


Georgia On My Mind

Russia's assault on the sovereignty of Georgia is a major challenge to the influence and credibility of the United States. If we can't, or won't, stand up for an ally then an alliance with the U.S. won't be worth much.

And if an alliance with the United States isn't worth much, our opinion on international matters won't be worth much, either. In a very real sense, the Georgian conflict will determine the power of the United States for many years.

Europe is continuing their spineless ways, just as they were content to allow mass slaughter in the former Yugoslavia, they are content to remain passive in the face of Russia's direct threat to their neighbor and themselves.

Anything other than harsh response will lead Russia to invade another country. Why not? If we don't do anything but talk, there is nothing to stop them. Of course, we cannot ignore the role of our Iraq war in all this maneuvering. Russia is betting, accurately, that the United States does not want another major conflict simultaneous with two full-scale wars.

This is the time for Germany and other nations to place troops in Georgia to protect their democracy, as well as Georgia's. And any alternate energy plans should be made top national security priority. Without oil, Russia is just another has-been on the world stage.


Infidelity and the President

The point of a Presidential candidate's infidelity is that such behavior shows a lack of self-control and a penchant for stupid, dangerous risks.

Sure, the guy's under pressure. Sure, he loves to be adored. But as our nation's leader, he is supposed to put the greater good first. That's what is so problematic about Senator Edward's infidelity. He had an affair during a time when it was most likely to be discovered and would hurt his career and family the most. And he did it anyway.

I'm sure that as President, Senator Edwards would also have heard the siren song of invincibility. Would that be the time to open himself up to blackmail because of an ill-advised dalliance? I hope not. The President of the United States represents us and negotiates on our behalf. This country needs someone they can trust to do that.

Bruce Ivins - Anthrax Killer or Regular Guy?

Slate.com has posted the online comments of Bruce Ivins. It's interesting to watch the Mainstream Media go on a hunt for signs of psychopathy.

FIrst, let's examine the "obsession" with Kappa Kappa Gamma. True, he seems to be remarkably well-informed about the history and rituals of Kappa Kappa Gamma. And? The man is hardly alone there. The Internet has enabled all of us to be informational geeks about some obscure topic or other. Personally, I am into WWII espionage and gardening. I shudder at what a malevolent eye could see in my blog postings. At least he didn't try to get pictures of the girls with their clothes off. I can see that as problematic. But he didn't do that, not even close.

Second, there's the "he's a delusional alcoholic" charge. How bad could it be if he is able to work at the highest level of scientific inquiry in a very specialized field surrounded by people who would know in an instant if he was off his game? Not that the "delusional alcoholic" part is necessarily false, maybe it isn't. But how bad could it have been, really? And how much different than someone in your office right now who may be a little off in terms of mental stability or alcoholism?

Third, "he threatened his coworkers," as backed up by a psychotherapist. That's a little harder to dismiss. What she states is a serious charge and I don't think she's lying. What it demonstrates is mental instability, his feelings of powerlessness and that he was a potential danger to his coworkers. Of course, this was after the FBI harassment began. All of that can be said about a lot of people who are not bioterrorists.

Bruce Ivins may have been a man with a few problems. But the harassment he experienced pushed him over the edge into more extreme behavior. I feel sorry for Bruce Ivins. His suicide is not a sign of guilt, but rather that of a man who couldn't take it any more. Let's all pray for him and his family.


Bruce Ivins: Sorority stalker! Anthrax killer!

Now reports are coming out that Bruce Ivins, the scientist driven to suicide by an impending arrest as the Anthrax killer, was obsessed with a sorority.

Way to go, FBI leakers, way to go. And shame on the media for going along with it, once again.

So it isn't enough to harass the wrong scientist for years. It isn't enough to try to ruin his life through leaks in the investigation. Once his innocence is shown and actual damages are needing to be paid, the F.B.I. then does the same routine with another scientist.

It is interesting to note the evolution of the leaks. Right off the bat, the FBI knew they had pushed the guy too far. So they let loose with his alleged homicidal plans. But let's face it, there isn't real evidence to connect Bruce Ivins to the Anthrax killings, so the next piece of evidence to emerge was the DNA connection.

Funny thing about DNA. It's everywhere. DNA from your coworkers is all over your house. The presence of DNA in itself doesn't prove anything unless there is no other way for it to be there except that the person committed the crime. The FBI knows that. Most people don't.

And in leaking little tidbits to the media about DNA, the FBI is trying to justify its actions in harassing a man to death.

The latest salvo in the "Slaughter Ivins" campaign is to paint him as a weird sorority stalker. Again, there is no evidence. But who cares? The media is eating this up just like they did with the first innocent scientist.

Where is press responsibility in all this? It is not their role to eat up whatever is given them and spit it out at well-timed intervals. Reporters are supposed to ask questions and challenge assumptions. Why aren't they now?

There is NO EVIDENCE linking Bruce Ivins to being in Princeton the day those Anthrax letters were mailed. NONE. Let's not forget that while you are pounding the drums for yet another potentially innocent man.