The Editor of Russian Newsweek Should Take His Clothes Off More Often

Hey, Mikhail Fishman looks pretty good without clothes. As editor of the Russian Newsweek, you normally wouldn't expect videos of yourself doing cocaine with hookers to be all over the Internet. But the critics of the current regime in Moscow are experiencing this all the time these days.

But maybe "hey I'm naked and on YouTube because I criticized the Russian President" should become a trend. Of course they are being set up. You'd expect that, seeing what's happening to the other guys, they'd be a little more careful. Alas, that is not to be.

The best inoculation for this is indifference. So what? He did a little recreational use of drugs and cavorted with hookers. Be more careful next time, Mikhail. Better yet, get a girlfriend.

I believe the Mikhail Fishman could really make something of this incident. He should go to popular magazines and offer to pose half-dressed for the cover. Maybe start a web site for his fans, or a Facebook page. The sky is the limit and we are allowed to define ourselves in the digital media age.

I guess the final roundup is that hookers and cocaine isn't that shocking anymore, not with the Vatican accused of covering up for child-molesting priests. And Mikhail Fishman still looks good without clothes.

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