Cheney, Gonzales Indicted

Ahh - it has already begun. The Bush Administration isn't even out the door yet and the recriminations for their illegal behaviour has begun.

I guess the only question was: when? When were people going to start taking pot shots at the Bush Administration? When would they feel safe enough from their vindictive wrath to start shooting holes in the absurd legal theories that are about to expose the Bush Administration to shame?

Rather quickly, it seems. Like, before George Bush is out the door.

That's when you know the game is over. Bye-Bye!

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The Lazy Iguana said...

Here is what I would like to see happen.

President Obama, announcing in a press conference right after he is sworn in, that all investigations into the Bush years are over. And therefore, all the legal arguments Bush used and all the powers the Bush Administration invented now apply to Obama's administration.

See how quick the right freaks out about this. See how quickly they call for investigations into what Obama thinks applies to him and does not apply to him.

Let them eat their own.

After the republicans demand grand investigations - fine! Allow them! Lets find out exactly what Bush did, and if every executive order was legal or not - so Obama can not use them!

I could live with that.

Otherwise, the same right wing retards who believe that Obama's birth certificate is forged and that he is some kind of secret muslim who has everyone in Al-Qaeda on his Blackberry will claim that any findings are in fact false, and an attempt to distract America from all the pissing on the Constitution Obama is doing. Right wing radio will run with it, and in 2010 it is possible enough retards will have bought into it that the hard core right makes it back into Congress.

So a way has to be devised that would make the hard core right clamor for investigations into what happened under Bush - or else allow Obama to have all the same powers.

And I do mean ALL. Who will Obama wiretap? What purchases will Obama track? GUNS maybe?!?!? Well that is OK! President has the power to do that stuff!!

Right??? We don't need courts! Right?? Getting warrants takes too long! Right?? Oversight on the executive branch is unpatriotic! Right?

Turn it all around on the same people who wanted it in the first place.

The funny thing is I remember asking people, back when Bush was a Demi-God and all this shit was going down, if they would support the same policies if Hillary was President. They laughed at me and were SO SURE that no Democrat would ever be President again.

Well - whose laughing now! The only thing more scary to them than Hillary is Obama. And he won.

I hope various drunks and retards remember me asking them that question, and their answer.....