No, I Did Not Go To Yale

It's just a sweatshirt! It's not a resume!

Somehow, throughout Washington, DC, I am constantly getting comments on the Yale Bulldogs just because I wear this sweatshirt. It's warm! It cost a dollar! Leave me alone!

Especially in AU Park. People will call across the street to me. Others poke their children and point at me and shout, "Look! There's a Yalie!"

Others just ask me if I went to Yale.

"No, I just buy the sweatshirts at thrift shops."

Today someone asked me about my Yale sweatshirt on the way to my legal temp assignment and actually seemed annoyed that I was wearing the shirt without having gone there.

It's just a sweatshirt. You know, like Yale is just a school. Because it is.

People should be more concerned about something else. Maybe they could ask, instead, "Are you related to George Bush?"


"Are you getting foreclosed on?"


"Does your father own an oil company?"


"Is anyone in your family fighting in the war in Iraq or Afghanistan?"

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The Lazy Iguana said...

Just start saying "yea I went to Yale. But after 6 months I decided the place SUCKED so I transferred to Columbia. I only wear this shirt when I am getting a cold because the long sleeves make a great nose wiping place".

Then saunter along.

Or remove the Y. Then everyone will just think you like beer.