I Don't Believe the Torture Timeline

It doesn't make sense. Why would I have been fired for criticizing torture at the CIA in 2006, and that is what I was directly told, if the United States was no longer torturing people in 2006? When I wrote "Waterboarding is Torture, and Torture is Wrong," it was on an internal blog that only people with Top Secret clearances - with codeword clearances - could see. It was very internal. There would be no reason to fire me in 2006 for writing that if the torturing had stopped.

There is a story that guilty parties want you to believe, and they send it out to be swallowed whole by the press. To wit, the CIA officer who came to the media to claim that waterboarding was only used a few times. That was a lie. It was a calculated lie. The goal was to get people off of their outrage and on to other issues. And with luck, the inquiries would stop there.

No luck.

So now another story is being floated. It is the idea that there was only torturing done for a little while, and then saner heads ruled and it went away. Don't believe it.

Nothing short of a full inquiry will reveal what actually happened. The American public deserves to know how their tax dollars were used and what useless crimes were committed in the name of their safety and revenge.

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The Lazy Iguana said...

I am all for a full inquiry. And without top secret, or even regular secret clearance I have found holes.

I also think it is strange that the Republicans what to deflect this all on a woman who was not speaker of anything during the time in question. She was just a senior ranking member of the minority party - with NO SAY AT ALL in executive policy.

She still does not have any real say in executive branch policy - thanks to the separation of powers system.

Yet, all they want to do is investigate her and nobody else?

investigate em all. The whole thing. Who approved, who made policies up, when policies were made up, when policies were ended, the whole bit.

The previous administration liked to go after the lowest ranking people possible - which is why England, a private in the Army Reserves, became the poster child for the prison in Iraq. She did it all. The mastermind. The lowest ranking person they could find.

No. It is time for a real investigation. One that works its way UP, not one that looks down.

And whoever is implicated is implicated. If Pelosi had anything to do with the policies - boot her ass out. But you also need to look higher than her.

I am also not buying the "low morale" crap. You saw the greeting that the new President got when he went to the CIA building for the first time. You can fake a large assembly of people, but you can not fake cheering.

The greeting at the US Department Of State was just as massive.

Low morale? Come on. Not buying it.

I do not think rank and file employees - even those who may have seen the enhanced methods or been ordered to apply said enhanced methods - are too worried. Not if the investigations will look up, and not down.