Bush, McCain and Iraq

John McCain is a good soldier. So when he tells the President that he has his support on Iraq policies, John McCain means it. And he doesn't just mean it for the moment, he follows through with his words and his actions.

So Barak Obama wants to set a timetable for U.S. withdrawal from Iraq and the President of Iraq agrees. John McCain stands his ground as he doubtless agreed to do. Then the President talks about a timetable to withdraw himself, leaving John McCain as the only person supporting prolonged and indefinite staying in Iraq.

John McCain is at a disadvantage in dealing with George Bush. The President has no honor.

At bottom is a President who is incredibly threatened by a successor. So even if it is a clear advantage to do so, President Bush will not allow John McCain to succeed.

Mr. President, there will be no one to protect you from international prosecutions if you don't have John McCain in the Presidency. I just thought someone should tell you, that's all.


Karen Shea said...

As Jib Jab has Bush saying about McCain in "Time for Campaigin'" "so forget he's a jackass who liberally prone."


The Lazy Iguana said...

After what Bush and his forces of evil did to McCain in the 2000 South Carolina primaries, I am surprised that McCain is still part of the Republican Party.

McCain served with honor as a soldier, but when he embraced Bush after the horrible lies told about him in 2000 he became just another shill. Willing to trash himself to protect the king.