Stephanopolous Wears Too Much Makeup

Dude, if I can see your eyeshadow and mascara, you are wearing too much. And if you are interviewing the Republican candidate for President and he says that al Qaeda was in Iraq prior to our invasion, it is something you should pick up on and pursue.

In fact, a glimpse of George Stephanopolous on This Week interviewing Senator John McCain was a study in contrasts.

The skin color: McCain looked like a regular guy on t.v. Stephanopolous looked like he sprayed food coloring on himself.

The teeth: McCain had normal teeth with the usual variations. Stephanopolous looked like his mouth was full of industrial chicklets, glued together so tightly that he wouldn't even be able to floss.

The eyes: McCain had regular, droopy eyelides. Appropriate for a man his age. Stephanopolous was wearing eye shadow and mascara. Bleh!

Next to John McCain, Stephanopolous looked like a pretend man. Call me an old-fashioned girl, but I like a little rough edge on my men. And a little spine in my reporters.

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