Chivalry is Not Sexist, It's Sexy

I love the tickle on my back as a man helps me put a coat on. It doesn't mean I am so inept I cannot put a coat on for myself. It does not mean that I need a man to get protection from the cold.

Feminists are often confused by what sexist actually means. It is not sexist for someone to open the door for you. Both male and female people have done this for me. And if you are on a date, there is definitely a tingly edge to the pampering. No one is suggesting that I am incapable of opening doors by offering to open a door for me. It's just nice and a great way to let a person know that they are special to you. Why is that bad?

The feminist revolution has often meant that men have felt permission to behave badly. As a consequence we've eliminated dates and now have beastly things like "friends with privileges" and "hooking up."

Telling the men of the 21st century how to act like a gentleman is a noble task, and a much-needed service to gender relations.


Brando said...

It's also just plain old politeness--holding a door for someone or offering your coat when it's cold is a sign of consideration, not some form of male domination. There's a lot of ground between doing that and clubbing them over the head!

Karen Cramer Shea said...

I always thought Chivalry was a subtle way of saying "I am a man who will take care of you after I get you pregnant."

Feminists believe they don't need a man to take care of them ever. Until they realize their children have grown up in daycare and have missed their childhoods, and they themselves are totally exhausted and stressed out and unhappy.

restaurant refugee said...

"The feminist revolution has often meant that men have felt permission to behave badly."

I don't disagree with your statement, however, I would add that another factor is that far too many women tacitly encourage bad behavior from men by tolerating it. Indeed, some even reward repugnant behavior by continuing to date men who display it.

Tommy Galan said...

I just started a Facebook Page encouraging Chivalry on NYC Subways, and I already got pushback that it was sexist: http://www.facebook.com/pages/NYC-Chivalry-Project/126345360805306?notif_t=page_new_likes

Tommy Galan said...

I started a Facebook Page encouraging chivalry on the NYC Subways, and I already got push back that it is sexist - http://www.facebook.com/pages/NYC-Chivalry-Project/126345360805306?notif_t=page_new_likes