Woe Be To Econo-Girl

Econo-Girl has picked up the habit of recording what the household has spent every day. What an eye-opener. Exact figures won't be revealed. Let's just say, adjustments need to be made.


lewis_medlock said...

welcome back...was actually worried about you :)
havent seen any posts until today, yet one is dated 1-19.
I agree about changes being made....1 word for you...BROKE.
That despite having received a 700 dollar bonus this week. Aznd despite me & the missus both getting paid this Friday. Ugh.
Anyway, Glad to see youre back and a job too!
Talk soon....Lewis

Econo-Girl said...

Thanks Lewis. There is a big piece of me that wants a new car. Not 'new' in a literal sense. Just a change of cars. I'm in the mood for an ugly, reliable SUV that runs smoothly. Oh, and it's cheap. There has to be something like that out there.