My Vet's Vette

What Econo-Girl and Liesure Lad were probably paying for is the 24 hour pet hospital with full staff. And it's good to know that it is there, but the local guy is cheaper. Fewer hours, though.

This debate stirs up the issue of executive compensation for Econo-Girl. You have to ask, are these CEO's worth it? And why are they worth it a lot more these days than in the past? Since "trickle down economics" has been disproven, is there any way to share the income from a corporation more equitably?

Econo-Girl has worked in the corporate world for a long time. The CEOs are NOT WORTH what they are paid relative to the workers. I know that makes me sound like a communist. I am unafraid.


lewis_medlock said...

I tend to agree re. ceo compensation. Corporations in the US rely on a great many advantages and outside assets in order to be successful.
Without the largesse of the public infrastructure, a publicly educated workforce, a regulated marketplace and any number of benefits of doing business in tyhe United States, a great many corporations would not be as successful as they are.
I dont think it makes one a communist to think that many CEO's or even just a few CEO's are overcompensated.
I wasnt trying to stir the pot with LI, but I believe that veterinarians are in most cases fairly compensated.....surely the most fairly compensated of the professions.
The issue of wages in the US is a contentious one....many folks feel others are overpaid while at the same time that they are underpaid.
Me...Im fairly compensated.
We had the mayor of our city ride along with us about two years ago.
He hated us at the time.
Just before he leaves, after we havent left the station all day, we catch a run out on the interstate. Car into the guard rail. We get there, guard rail has penetrated the drivers compartment and impaled the driver.
While we cut her from the car, a guy I work with climbs up on the hood and intubates (breathing tube inserted into her trachea) her from outside the car.
Mayor later remarks we deserve more money.
To a man, we say thats nice, but we make good money as it is.
Which I found surprising.

The Lazy Iguana said...

What CEOs do borders on criminal. In many cases, it IS criminal.

Take United Airlines. Employees were duped into accepting pay cuts for toilet paper. Did I say toilet paper? I meant to say stock in the company. Same thing.

Everyone takes pay cuts, except for top management. They get bonuses AND toilet paper. Can they fly aircraft? No. Can they push the drink cart on a full flight? No. Can they load and unload bags? No. Yet they are the ones worth all the money.

Anyway, UAL goes into bankrupcy. The stock is worth less than toilet paper. Pension plans are abandoned by the company - and dumped on the government. Pilots loose up to 2/3 of their retirement benefits. Jobs are cut.

And now management wants more money. They asked the court for 15% of the new stock offering - for free. The court gave them 8%. What a crock of crap.

I am GLAD I do not work in the private sector. Not that I am totally safe from budget cuts, but at least the Mayor does not look at my job and think "if I can cut this guy, I can make MORE for myself".

Econo-Girl said...

Lewis, glad you're paid a lot. Sounds like tough stuff to do. And glad that a personal experience on the Mayor's part let's him know that.

Econo-Girl said...

Iggy, you are reflecting my sentiments exactly. All the lying and cheating just doesn't sit with me well. I know, as with any solution, that you wind up trading one bag of bullshit for another most times, but you got to admit, some shit is easier to take.

lewis_medlock said...

yeah, CEO's tend to buy into their own mythicism....the concept that its their brilliance that made Company X so great.....first, like I said, the environment in which said company exists is what allows it to become so powerful. Without large herbivores to feed upon, the great lion becomes extinct and the jackal rules africa. So dont give the lion too much credit.
Second, said CEO's tend to believe in the mythicism with which the media that cover business and the market place lavishes upon them. Its almost pornographic the amount of praise Ken Lay got in years prior. And he at one point started to believe it.
Its just pretty sad others got screwed in the process.

lewis_medlock said...

Econo..never said i made alot...just a fair amount! LOL
I wish I made alot!
Have a gret day, I hope the new job is going well!