Thoughts on Pretend Job Offers

When you think about it, what kind of company would call you and lead you to believe that you had an offer of employment, only to find out that there were a few more paperwork hoops to jump through before you even got a Contingent Offer, which by the way, means nothing.

I would say that they promise one thing and it's a lie. And there was some paperwork thing that they said they could do for me, and it seems I have to do it myself. This situation gives me pause. The HR person went on and on about not putting people in place by misleading them about the job. Hmmmm. Methinks thou dost protest too much?


lewis_medlock said...

that sucks, sorry to hear.
hope it works out.

a lot of folks operate without any sense of integrity or respect for their craft.

keep us up to date.


Econo-Girl said...

Thanks, Lewis. Anyway, I have two interviews next week. Still steamed about it though.

The Lazy Iguana said...

You might not really want to work for these bozos after all. This is a strange hiring process indeed.

TSA had a smoother hiring process than this.

lewis_medlock said...

are you still here, econo???