Oh, no! Don't take my money!

Econo-Girl, as of yesterday, has developed a new theory of statecraft. She has realized that there are such things as Adolescent Nations. These are the ones that don't want their allowances cut. I am thinking of the Palistinian Authority right now, but there must be others.

After the loudmouth Hamas leader in exile shot off at the mouth about how Israel doesn't need to exist and that they won't put down their arms, what does he do the next day? Pull his head out of the sand, that's what. You mean in this entire episode of running for office, they never thought through the results of winning? What a clever strategy would be? Everyone has been waiting for Hamas to make its move. It has. It has exposed itself as a bunch of finanical teenagers who rebel against their dependency and then beg to go to the mall. Oh, and can you give them money to go to the movies?

During all this ranting for a separate state, what were they thinking?

This issue calls up other questions in Econo-Girl's mind such as 'what constitutes a fully-formed state?' To what extent does a nation need to be self-supporting and self-feeding? And to the extent that a country acts like a sponging relative, that is the extent to which they lose the right of self-determination.

Cuba would be an exception to this idea. But then Castro played the States against the Soviet Union well and made a lot of money off of it.

But does this mean that the District of Columbia should be a state of the union? Are we really self-sufficient enough? We can't feed ourselves. There is only one industry. And if the seat of government moved, there wouldn't even be that. The neighboring states don't want us because of how we'll upset their politics. So we remain a happy, leftist blip on the map of the US. It's kind of fun, really.


lewis_medlock said...

yet again i find myself in agreement........LM

The Lazy Iguana said...

I have very little hope that the Hamas government will continue on the road to peace.

I would say that a worldwide ban on religion would solve the problems in the middle east, but then the likes of Jerry Falwell would come to my house and accuse me of witchcraft and satan worship. Ignoring the fact of couse that a ban on religion would include a ban on satan.

I just hope that all the people who want to engage in a holy war just leave me out of it. I do not think the sand in the middle east is any more holy than the sand I put in the cat boxes every day.

Econo-Girl said...

Econo-Girl waits for the day, and she thinks she will live to see it, that the Middle East is no longer anything anyone cares about because of alternative sources of fuel.