"America Is Addicted to Oil"

When Econo-Girl heard that this morning while getting her daily bagel, she burst out laughing. "He said that?" I asked the cashier, who apparantly does not listen to the radio piped in to her deli. And, yes, the President did say that in his address last night.

Econo-Girl's loyal readers know that she believes the importance of oil is directly related to the imprtance of short, ugly men wearing bathrobes on t.v. Weaning the U.S. off of the crude would be great. We'd be more self-sufficient, always a good thing. We wouldn't need to listen to ranting radicals, nor hesitate to stop them from building an A-bomb.

On the whole, President Bush is an idiot. This is not new information. He also has latent fascist tendencies (see Domestic Surveillance). Raise your hand if you remember the Administration wanting to cancel elections after September 11 attacks.

However, on this one, he has it right. Just like President Carter did thirty years ago.


The Lazy Iguana said...

Come on now Econo Girl. You know just as well as I do what the republican solution to drug addiction is.


And look at the direction things are going now. People who wear t-shirts are arrested for disorderly conduct BEFORE they can be disorderly.

Just like in that Tom Cruise movie where the psychics predict crimes, and the police arrest and charge people before they can do the crime. Only without the psychics.

Jail. The solution to addiction. Unless you are a big fat right wing radio talk show host, in which case you get rehab and everyone should respect your privacy.

Econo-Girl said...

Or the President, in which case you get to be the hypocrite-in -chief.