Econo-Girl waited for last Friday night for two weeks. It was "expose the pervert" time on Dateline. What fun! What ratings!

One of the backlashes of the information age is the private realm is shrinking. People who committed crimes 20 years ago are being found out as they live among us as Baptist ministers.

Econo-Girl believes that a new underground economy is starting. The privacy option.

Let's face it, there are actions we take that we don't want everybody to know about. So pay off a clerk to keep you out of the information stream by putting another name down instead of yours.

There could even be people who go around breaking into computers to erase data about you. Cool gig.


lewis_medlock said...

i use my grocery store card to get cheap gas.....but if it is something i want to be under the radar, the card stays in my wallet.

when asked for my phone number at a store (best buy, circuit city, etc....) with a smile on my face I politely say "Can I have yours?"
Most get the idea : )
Then there are those who have really had too much of the corporate Kool_Aid and persist...often with a "I need it for the warranty"....to which I add that I dont need to be in their computer to make sure that your boss fixes it if this thing breaks in 2 weeks .
Pretty 'privacy conscious' here....but it can be a chore at times

The Lazy Iguana said...

I just give the phone number "305-324-8811" when asked for my number at a store. Go on - call it! All you get is a pre-recorded message telling you the time of day. And a pre-recorded commercial.

And it works! I give that number, and they are able to find my account. Cool huh?

Econo-Girl said...


I love it! I am going to try it today! My husband gets embarrassed when I do these things. Can't wait!

Econo-Girl said...


You are smart to do that. BTW, we are toying with places to move. I know your feelings about FLA, but how about Miami? We are bookish types that love to read.

The Lazy Iguana said...

Miami is one of the rudest places I can think of.

Nobody here can drive. House prices are out of control. Rent is even getting out of hand. Homeowners insurance is a nightmare to obtain, due to the hurricanes. Car insurance is high because nobody can drive.

Public transportation sucks, unless you happen to work somewhere near a metro rail station - AND live near a metro rail station. So you are pretty much forced to own a car. There is no real way to get around this.

The job market in Miami is supposedly OK, but to be honest I can not see any evidence of this. I have no idea where people get the money they seem to have, unless they are all in debt.

But the weather is nice. In the winter. There is no snow to shovel. It is hot as hell in the summer, it rains almost every day, and there are hurricanes - but this time of year the weather is very nice.

Oh yea - do you speak spanish? You kind of need to here.