*** is Corrupt

Econo-Girl has read today in the paper how easy it is to be fired based on a blog. Well, well. She thought she would try to trash a FORMER employer just for fun. What are you going to do? Fire me?

*** is best known for the black suits its employees wear. They are expensive and tailored. *** is less known for the movies its employees watch at work or the naps they take behind closed office doors, both of which Econo-Girl has witnessed. They like to put a huge wall between the customer and the workers, so ne'er the twain shall meet. This tactic allows for big obstacles to stand between the government client and the truth about the computer application's functionality.

In the lobby of a ***building, a guard stands with a plastic thing in his ear. Is he in moment-to-moment touch with Security Central? No. He is eavesdropping on the *** employees in the lobby. It's OK that they get blown up, but those pesky little worker bees better not be talking out of school.

As a software tester at ***, I witnessed about the worst coding I have ever seen, except for +++. No small feat. The application was due to be deployed in two weeks and almost none of the background calculations were working. And when I wrote up what I found, the computer programmers blamed me for it! And management went along. To this day, I believe that if I had told them that the computer program worked fine, I would still have a job.

And don't get Econo-Girl started on the racial or sex discrimination at ***. Every white male was a partner or on the partnership track. I only ever saw one female partner and no people of color as partners.

Econo-Girl kept getting the feeling that she was about to be knifed in the kitchen, and she probably was, although not with an acutal knife. It is enough to say that she is glad as hell to be out of there and hopes a major scandal rocks *** in their boots.


The Lazy Iguana said...

Sounds like a place I should apply to! Do they give you the expensive suits as part of a company uniform budget or something? I have to wear suits to my job, but none of them are exactly tailor-made for me. I get em off a rack and then have some minot alterations done.

And I am GREAT at sleeping at work. I could also watch TV and movies at work. Heck, if they gave me The Science Channel, Cartoon Network, and Nick Toons I would not need any more.

Would I feel guilty for getting paid to sleep? Not really. I could get over it.

Econo-Girl said...

Iggy, try shopping at overstock.com. I just got some suits there really cheap.