Death in the Family

It's a very sad day. A wonderful man has died. He played uncle to my husband with no obligation of expectation for him to do so. My husband's real father had nothing to do with him and let him grow up in the DC foster care system. But when Leisure Lad turned 21, his bio dad showed up and wanted him to take his last name.

And so Fred, in the intervening years, was there for him and helped him out of many scrapes over the years. Fred was also an avid reader of this blog, something which always made me very proud. He really cared for me the way I was, not because I made him look good. That was something new for me.

We had dinner with him and his wife just last night and I tried to teach him how to highlight text and print it. He was 81 and didn't cotton to computers. My husband and I had dinner with he and his wife once a week for most Sundays out of a year. Often we would be the only people they would see all week. It was the best investment I ever made.

Fred Tate, I will miss you a lot. God bless you and keep you.

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