Wolfowitz Admits He Was WRONG


Paul Wolfowitz,in comments in a coffee shop in Dupont Circle Saturday morning, admitted the whole "lets invade Iraq" thing was wrong-headed from the start. "Hey, it was worth a shot" said Mr. Wolfowitz. "How else would we know? Anyways, I'm not there anymore, so it's somebody else's headache."

The previous paragraph was completely fabricated. However, Econo-Girl is going to conduct an experiment. She's going to copy and paste only the false first paragraph, and send it to every media outlet with an e-mail, along with the link to this specific post. She encourages her readers to do the same. The goal is to see how many people take the quote without actually going to the link and reading the post. What's your guess?


lewis_medlock said...

iraq...a messy subject.
its our vietnam, you know.
only worse , as history will read through the 'WOT" bullshit and read it for what it really is....
1....finishing GHWB's 1991 war.
2....control of more persian gulf oil.
3....an attempt to send a clear message to other arab oil kingdoms that we will not tolerate our oil being screwed with.
With china and india set to undertake billions of summer vacations in the near future, oil will go through the roof.
Good new is, I think technology will render oil a thing of the past...my kids will see it.
Hydrogen, coal, nat gas and nuclear will set us free (yes nuclear...environmentalist here, TR type, but our economy is energy driven.. I think safe nuclear power has a role).
wolfowitz is right out of strangelove......where do these guys come from???

Triton said...

I've never thought of myself as a "media outlet" before. Anyway, I'm here, so I guess I passed the test. Right? ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm a "media outlet" who deleted your comment. Play your games elsewhere.

lewis_medlock said...

.......anonymous sounds like an asshole....LM

Econo-Girl said...

My, my. Awfully sensitive for a right-wing nut job, our Anonymous is.

The Lazy Iguana said...

Did you send the email to Bill O'Riely? If so, I have a guess who Mr. Anonymous is. Loofa boy himself.

But really - I do not think the media outlets need to look any sillier. In the age of multiple 24 hour news networks, there is no time to research anything - research leads to getting scooped. So they are out there, franticly looking for the next big story.

And so what is they (mostly) get things wrong?

Econo-Girl said...

I just think that 'journalists' don't check facts and sources and just run with a quote. That's what I was trying to prove. And no success. But it was worth a try.

The Lazy Iguana said...

You got scooped by Cheney and his bird shot. Try again on a slow news day.