Sales of New Housing Down 11%

In the flower of Econo-Girl's childhood, she was so obnoxious it defies description. Frequently she would say, "Hate to say I told you so" to the limited joy of those around her.

So I will refrain from that refrain now.

However, let it be noted that the housing boom seems to have busted, even in the eyes of the evil CNN Money, syncophant to the mentally dead. Econo-Girl's eyes widen, as does everyone's, at the idea of getting SO MUCH RICHER by doing nothing but paying her mortgage, which she would have to do anyway.

What a compensation for those who were fooled by the dot com stock fiasco. You aren't idiots anymore! Call that house an 'investment' and you are a genius!

The truth is, we are just lucky. We take a guess, and we are lucky.

Econo-Girl moved into this section of DC when it was a ghetto. Kids were shot on their porches, stray bullets killed grandmothers in their living rooms, and gangs collected on corners to guard their territory. Sure, there was a new Metro stop, but that didn't guarantee anything. Sure there were plans to build a big supermarket and an urban mall, but no one really knew what would happen.

Fundementally, Econo-Girl looked around and said, I could live here. I like it here. As it is. Not for what it could be. And so that is how Econo-Girl became "that white lady with the dog" to the kids in the neighborhood.

Now that the neighborhood is changing, Econo-Girl doesn't like it as much. The new people moving in aren't as friendly and the sense of community is eroding. Ahhh, well. Isn't the past always better?


The Lazy Iguana said...

Yea, the past is always better.

IF you like witch burnings, NO SOAP, no toothpaste, no dentist, your doctors idea of medicine consists of leeches and potions, you had to grow all your own food or starve, and no deodorant.

Other than that - the past was great.

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Anonymous said...

The past...is always so much better.

Econo-Girl said...

Econo-Girl is brought back to reality by her loyal readers once again.