Tips on Saving

"The Latte Factor"???  That is what economists and financial advisors are calling the habit of paying $5 for a cup of coffee when all you have to do is to put that $5 in the bank instead.
Econo-Girl is no stranger to frittering money away.  But at some point she tallied money spent and realized that she wasn't getting the most bang for the buck, as in spending $100 a month on taxis.  A little more planning and effort would save about $80 of that to be used for overpriced coffee. 
The real point of this cheapskate trend is to savor what really gives you pleasure.  Econo-Girl worships her morning coffee.  It is made with an expensive coffee maker that makes the best coffee on Earth.  Econo-Girl generally won't pay for coffee anywhere and will only drink her own.
A close second, and the old way Econo-Girl made her coffee was to use one of those manual things where you poured the grounds into a clear plastic cup, poured in water, let it sit, and then pressed down on a plunger to get all the coffee grounds to the bottom.  Another great cup of coffee.
Coffee preferences aside, this is about enjoyment.  Starving yourself and those around you from any joy is not the way to live.  Paying attention to where your money is going, and making sure that you want the things you are buying, that is true thrift.


lewis_medlock said...

yep...I agree 100 %.........not house crazy here.....modest little house in a modest neighborhood. Im sure all of my fireman co-workers have bigger and nicer.....BUT........we go on 3 or 4 trips a year with our kids, I dont work a second job (unlike most firemen...) which means Im home with my kids. No Harley Davidson, a modest little boat THATS PAID OFF (paid cash), no ATV, etc......Im OK with buying what you really like, but this consumerism is way out of hand......Harley Davidsons in NE ohio...thats funny, 20k for a motorcycle you can ride 10 weekends a year...At best!
Thanks for letting me rant, LM

The Lazy Iguana said...

So I guess that buying a new boat is pretty much a stupid idea huh?

Econo-Girl said...

Not if you are really getting a lot out of it, and that is where you want to put your money and don't mind giving up other things for it.

Econo-Girl got this crazy stained glass front door. Totally stupid, except she really wanted it to the exclusion of other stuff.

lewis_medlock said...

get the boat but only if you'll use it!
my 17 foot bayliner runabout is practically always behind my truck in the summer. 'cuz its 17 foot, i can put it in the water myself, so it can be just for an afternoon with me and my kids...dont need to find that 2nd adult (works if the wife is at work.....).
theres a 600 acre lake 10 min from here..small, but perfect for a mid day water ski and tubing excursion.
i dont necessarily have to plan a weekend around my boat.

Econo-Girl said...


Boating is fun. I like it too. Don't know much about them except it's a great thing to do in hot weather.