Roasted Chesnut Recipe

Recipes for Hot Roasted Chestnuts
Ingredients:1 pound fresh chestnuts in the shellWater
Chestnuts are like popcorn kernels, with a tough shell that traps moisture. And like popcorn, chestnuts will explode if you don't slit their shells before roasting. Use the point of a paring knife to cut a large "X" into the flat side of the shell to let the steam escape. Be sure to cut through the skin. The cooking methods below yield about 2½ cups — enough to serve four.
Note: Do not use a microwave oven. The chestnuts' texture is likely to turn gummy.
For this method, it's best to use a chestnut roaster, a cagelike device with a long handle specially designed for use in the fireplace. After slitting X's in the chestnuts, place them in the roaster and hold it over hot coals. Roast chestnuts for 8 to 10 minutes, shaking the roaster from time to time.
Preheat oven to 425 degrees fahrenheit. After scoring them, place chestnuts in a single layer in a baking pan and sprinkle generously with water. Roast 17 to 20 minutes, or until the X-cut opens up and the shell begins to char. Continue to sprinkle water over chestnuts as they bake to prevent them from drying out. Stir occasionally.
Peel both the shell and the skin off the roasted chestnuts while they are still hot. (If they cool so much that the shell won't easily come off, reheat them briefly.)
Serve fresh from the oven because their flavor declines as they stand; they are always at their best when hot.
Heat a heavy sauté pan for one minute. When it's hot, add chestnuts in a single layer, sprinkle with a small amount of water, and cover the pan. Medium-high heat works best. Shake the pan often and continue to sprinkle with water, until shells begin to char and the X-cut opens up. Cooking time: about 10 minutes. After chestnuts are cooked, remove them from the pan and wrap them in a tea towel to retain moisture. Peel and eat as soon as they are cool enough to handle.
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lewis_medlock said...

ahhhh, chestnuts. american chestnuts, the ones Nat King Cole sang of are no more.
chestnut blight is so present in North America that no American Chestnut tree can survive for long.
But not to fear , we have asian (chinese) chestnuts to roast if we like!
And arborists are working on a hybridized american/chinese chestnut tree that is blight resistant.
The song was written in 1946....and chestnut blight had decimated the american chestnut about 40 years prior, so even in the 'good old days', folks yearned for 'their' good old days.
Enjoy your chestnuts and Have a Merry Christmas
Lewis_Medlock/Bernie Pressman, Ohio

Econo-Girl said...

Lewis! You shatter my dream!

Oh well, Econo-Girl did try the roasting chestnut thing and it tasted a little funny anyway. Sour grapes?