But It's Only A Little Bit of Torture ...

What's with this idea that you need permanent physical damage to call something "torture."

And why do you think anything is improved because "it was only three times" - ?

This Administration doesn't have the foresight to see how this admission causes damage to our interests abroad. We have just admitted to torturing people. Now how are we going to tell people that Chinese Christians should not be beaten and jailed? We, after all, don't behave better ourselves.

I remember an America where the idea that we torture people was offensive. I remember when our meat supply was safe. I remember when college was affordable. What happened, America? The Reagan Revolution, that's what.


The Lazy Iguana said...

But Reagan was the greatest President that ever lived!!

That is what the voices on the radio keep telling me. As a general rule I listen to the voices.

Fuzz said...

Reagan did all that ?